Welcome to Newsy Parents!

We are current & former television journalists who met in the business, got married, and now have two kids.


NewsyMom has a passion for fashion.

NewsyDad does not. In fact, like many other wives, NewsyMom buys his clothes for him. 

We'll share some of our styles as well as our fabulous finds, petite pieces and family looks in our feature "What We Wear".

We LOVE food! Who doesn't?

We'll share recipes of our favorite dishes and the names of restaurants that we enjoy.

Our guilty pleasure is dessert. It's delicious and played a key role in our marriage proposal. 

Fun with our family, friends & just the two of us. 

We'll share experiences of amazing adventures and magical moments at home and abroad.  

This picture was from our first family trip to Disney - one of many more to come.