BREAKING NEWS: We've created a blog!

2008. That’s the year I started my first blog. The purpose: to update and keep in touch with family and friends. It was going well until… Facebook. Once I connected with family and friends on the social network, the blog basically cease to exist.

Fast-forward to present day. After 12 years of telling other people’s stories as a news anchor and reporter, I’m now out of the business. But I still love telling stories and have a passion for writing. So too, does my husband. Thus, Newsy Parents was born, created, founded, launched… you get the idea.

As I’m sure you watched in our video on the home page, we are passionate parents with a nose for fashion, food and fun. That’s what we’re going to write about. We hope you’ll stay tuned for what we have to say. Until then, feel free to become a Facebook fan, Twitter follower, Instagram follower, Pinterest follower, Google+ follower, YouTube subscriber and engage with us. We’d love to hear from you!


Newsy Parents

Passionate parents (mom & dad bloggers) with a nose for fashion (women's petite, children), food & fun (travel). We are former & current television journalists who met in the business, got married and now have two multi-cultural children.