My wife asks "do you want to start a blog?"

When my wife first proposed starting a blog, my initial thought was, "Honey, that will be a great outlet for you.  It won't totally replace the things you miss about TV, but maybe it will be a good substitute."

Her response, "The blog is for both of us because you're a great writer, too. This is your opportunity to put that passion into play. I'm thinking we'll write about fashion, food and fun - the three 'f's."

"But honey, you've seen the way I dress.  What do I know about fashion?" I replied.

"Nothing, I will probably do that," she said.

"Well, you know I'm not a good cook, so what will I contribute?" I asked.

"You like to eat, so you could write about that and maybe some of your famous recipe disasters, like when you thought 1/4 teaspoon was 1/4 cup. That was fun," she said.

"Okay, so I will write about family and fun?" I asked.

"Yes, but I will also write about those topics," she replied.

"So then, why do you want me to write, too?" I asked.

"Because, it will be fun and I want us to do it together," she said.

So that brings us to today and my first blog post.  This is something new for me, but I think it will be an enjoyable outlet as well.


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