Blogging 101: Lessons learned at a blogger/social media conference

Six numbers - 70:20:10 and 90:9:1.

What do they mean? How do they relate to bloggers and brands? Just one of the lessons I learned at the Niche Parent 2013 Conference - my first blogger/social media conference - last week at the Westin Diplomat Resort & Spa in Hollywood.  

First of all, this hotel is GORGEOUS! Just check out the photos I took while attending the conference. To say I was impressed by the workout facilities is an understatement! You could even RENT athletic gear if you forgot to bring yours or didn't want it taking up space in your luggage. Pretty much giving you NO excuse to not burn calories. But I was here to attend a conference not get my body back to the pre-mommy days. So back to business...


The agenda-packed, three-day conference featured lots of influential speakers who talked about everything from how to monetize your blog to increasing SEO (search engine optimization) to being socially responsible. There were also networking events every day giving you the opportunity to connect with other social media influencers (more on the paddle boarding lesson in an upcoming post) and marketers seeking bloggers to promote their brand.

I attended as both - a marketer for the company I work for and a newbie blogger, having launched Newsy Parents the first day of the conference. What I learned was extremely beneficial. That's where the six numbers come into play - 70:20:10 rule as it applies to brands from pretty much all marketers and the 90:9:1 principle as it applies to bloggers from Jenny Isenmen of The Suburban Jungle.

70:20:10 for brands:

  • 70% of posts should add value & be relevant to your brand - be creative & resourceful.
  • 20% of posts should be shared content - promoting others' sales & events.
  • 10% of posts should be promotional in nature - plugging YOUR own products & discounts.

We are working to build our blog as a brand. What do you think about the content? Is it relevant to you?  

90:9:1 for bloggers:

Presentation from Jenny Isenman of The Suburban Jungle at Niche Parent 2013 Conference

Which are you? I'm assuming if you're not commenting, you fall in the 90%. If you leave us some cyber-love, you're in the 9%. If you've commented on every blog post we've written since launching last week, you're in the 1%. Considering we haven't received ANY comments, NONE whatsoever, it's safe to say you are all in the 90%. We're not judging or taking offense, but we'd LOVE to hear from you. So here's your chance: what do you want to say? Comment away!