Bye, Bye Binky: How Lil Tank finally gave up the paci

Nine months - that's how long Monkey held on to her pacifiers.  

Twenty-seven months - that's how long Lil Tank held on to her pacifiers.  

It's true. No two kids are the same. Even more proof of that is the story of the paci.

Monkey would take to any pacifier. Lil Tank only wanted the ones from the hospital.  Monkey gave hers up at 9 months old. All by herself. Just one day, stopped using it. Lil Tank needed the soothing sucker until 27 months old. At her 24 month wellness exam, the pediatrician advised us that she needed to stop. Cold turkey. We tried. She cried. And cried and cried some more. We are big believers of self-soothing, but felt this was torture for her and us. We gave in. BUT we did reduce pacifier use to only nap and bedtime. We were NOT going to be those parents with a fully-functioning, potty-trained toddler still clinging to the paci in public. So how'd she finally give it up?

Lil Tank likes to bite the binky. So much so that the tip comes off. We didn't want to buy more, so the time came to try again. Our idea: have Lil Tank say bye- bye and throw them away on her own. See how well that worked in the video below.

So far, so good. Only a few whines for Mommy during the night. But overall... SUCCESS! 

How old were your kids when they finally said bye-bye binky? What methods did you use that were the most successful? We'd love to hear your stories.


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