Family Movie Night with Disney's Villains

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Family movie night has been one of our favorite traditions. With NewsyDad's demanding television news schedule, we don't get to spend as much quality time all together as we'd like so we try to make the most of every moment.

That includes our magical trips to Disney. On our most recent trip, we stayed on property which gave us the opportunity to watch the Disney channel - a favorite among Monkey & Lil Tank but they don't get to enjoy it very often because we don't have cable. While watching the various Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Sophia the First and Doc McStuffins shows, we would see previews for the new movie, Descendants. We couldn't wait to watch it. I mean who knew some of Disney's most famous villains had children?

We were intrigued and wondered if good would triumph over evil just like every other Disney flick. You'll have to watch to find out.

We learned that the DVD was coming out the same day you could watch it on the Disney Channel. We headed to Walmart to buy it. While there, we also picked up the CD because they wanted it and because I was getting a little tired of listening to Frozen over and over again.

I was surprised to see how colorful the villains were. We started to guess which one was the child of which villain just by looking at the cover. The son of Cruella de Vil was pretty easy to spot with his hair. The apple necklace was a dead giveaway that the girl wearing it was the daughter of the Wicked Witch from Snow White. The girl standing in Maleficent's shadow was her daughter. The only one that stumped us was the boy in the red ski cap. We later figured out that was Jafar's son. We were looking forward to seeing how these children and their villainous parents all come together in the movie.

If you haven't seen Descendants yet, you should. I don't want to give the whole movie away but the storyline is extremely interesting - watching how Disney connected the villains to the princesses, now kings and queens - including Belle and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty, Prince Charming - and their offspring. It's pretty cool!

Once the movie ended, we spent some time talking about it and asking the girls questions.

  • Who's your favorite villain?

Unanimous among us all: Maleficent.

  • Which villain's child is your favorite?

Unanimous among the girls: Evie.

  • Which villain's child would you like to be? What super power would you like to have?

Monkey: Mal because she has purple hair. I would have her same super power of casting spells so I could make everyone's hair long and pretty since earlier this summer, I cut my sister's hair short and now she thinks it's not so pretty. True story... but she's still beautiful. They both are.

Lil Tank: Evie because she has blue hair. I would have her same super power of an all-knowing magic mirror because I like to ask lots of questions and love looking at myself in the mirror.

  • What extracurricular activities do you think they'd participate in? You know, like you do ballet, swimming, drama, choir?

Monkey: Mal would play the violin because I like the violin and she could learn songs like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Lil Tank: Evie would dance ballet because I like ballet and to dance.

It's fun finding out what they think especially at their young ages of 6 and 4. We also think this movie is a great opportunity to talk to them about right versus wrong and good versus evil. It also emphasizes how you decide your own fate, you make your own decisions and you're responsible for them. No matter your past. No matter your upbringing. No matter who your parents are or how they act.

I like to give my children the freedom to make decisions - not when it endangers their health or safety, of course. But giving them the ability to think on their own is so valuable in life. As is living with the impact of their decisions. They will make mistakes just like NewsyDad and I do. That's how we learn.

I like how Descendants gives us the opportunity to have even more conversations with our kids about making the right decisions but in an upbeat way. That's because not only are the characters fun but the music and choreography are fantastic with catchy lyrics such as Rotten to the Core and Evil Like Me. I even find myself singing along as the girls are dancing in their car seats on the way to and from school.


Let's not forget the dolls! There are Descendants dolls for both the villain's children and the Kings and Queens not to mention the Fairy Godmother! They're also available at Walmart. We can't wait to pick up the collection on our next shopping trip!

Who's your favorite villain?