Disney's Frozen Summer Fun LIVE! at Hollywood Studios

It was the Summer of Fun... FROZEN Summer of Fun at Walt Disney World. If you follow us on Instagram, you know how much we love the House of Mouse by the amount of pictures we post. So when we heard about the special Anna & Elsa events at Hollywood Studios, we decided that's where we were going to spend Labor Day weekend (which also happens to be our wedding anniversary). 

Knowing we were going to see the Ice Queen and her sister, Monkey & Lil Tank wanted to dress like them. But since it's still blazing hot in Florida this time of year, we wanted short-sleeved dresses. I looked high and low and found these. Go here for the Elsa-inspired dress and here for the Anna-inspired dress and Frozen shoes (pictured here).

We didn't book the premium package which included a reserved viewing area for the parade, reserved seats for the singalong and a dessert party for the fireworks show. They were sold out but we figured if we arrived early and positioned ourselves in prime locations, we could still enjoy the Frozen Summer of Fun.

We arrived just after the gates opened and snapped this beautiful picture of the stage - the scene for the parade and dance party. At night, fireworks can be seen just above Mickey's Sorcerer's Hat. Keep reading for pictures and video of the show.

If you get to the park early, we recommend heading straight to the area behind the Muppets stage near the San Francisco backdrop to get your Frozen Sing-a-long tickets. The line wasn't too long when we arrived. There are a limited number of tickets and performances. When we came back for our show around 12:30 p.m., the line was extremely long and nearly all the passes were handed out. The sing-a-long is well worth it so you'll want to get those passes or be prepared to wait in a standby line. But first to the parade.

We found out that the parade route takes a turn toward Star Wars, so we positioned ourselves near the American Idol stage. The performers were so close we could almost touch them. Video below including Anna & Elsa in a chariot.

We decided to sit toward the back but in the middle for the sing-a-long. Be prepared to arrive exactly during your "window" of time. We had seconds to spare. Because cast members will start allowing standbys in to take your place.

The show features two historians giving us a history lesson on Arendelle. They mix in humor between the songs. Anna welcomes you to the show and makes appearances throughout, while Elsa only appears at the end. This was definitely the highlight for NewsyDad and me. We've put together some snippets from the show in the video below.


Next stop: Wandering Oaken's Frozen Funland where you can take pictures in a winter wonderland, build a snowman and go ice skating ($10 gets you 30 minutes on the ice plus ice skates, socks and a helmet). So fun! Except for the fact that they make EVERYONE wear a helmet - doesn't matter if you used to compete and even coach skating, you gotta wear one. Even with it on, I could still do a few basic spins. They won't let you jump or spin with your leg out for fear of hurting someone. Take a look at the video below the snowman pictures to see us skate.

Next door to the cold weather activities is the "trading post" where you can pick up all kinds of Frozen souvenirs. The girls couldn't decide between Anna & Elsa dolls, stuffed Sven, and clothing. If you're looking to dress up as the princesses for Halloween, make sure you stop here. Cast Members kept pulling out more dresses from the back every time one was sold.

To conclude the Frozen festivities are the pyrotechnics synchronized to Frozen music, of course. We strategically placed ourselves close to the exit but directly in front of the stage to get the best view. Though we had to listen to the Cast Members direct traffic (which they warned us about), it was still a great place to see the show. The short video clip below will give you an idea of what to expect.

This weekend is the last weekend for the Frozen Summer of Fun at Hollywood Studios. We hope you get a chance to go. We hope our article and videos provided you with some insight and helpful information. So... what are you most excited to see and experience?