My first blogger event as NewsyDad. What did I learn?

Growing up in the Midwest, I have always loved fall.  It meant going back to school, football season, leaves turning colors and taking out your sweaters and sweatshirts.  Yes, I loved fall when I was younger.  Actually, I still love fall.  NewsyMom and I took our engagement pictures during October because we loved the scenery. Don't you?

Now living in Florida, the only signs of fall are back to school and football.  The leaves in South Florida don't change colors and you definitely don't need to bust out a sweater or sweatshirt.  So it isn't quite the same as when I was a kid, but I found a new love.  Pumpkin!

Dunkin' Donuts invited NewsyMom and I to the launch of their new and returning pumpkin-flavored items.  Some are already on the menu, others will be on there soon. So if you are a pumpkin lover, I encourage you to head to your closest Dunkin'.  This was my first blogger event and it was very interesting to me.  Aileen usually handles all of the events because I work nights and weekends, when they're typically held.  Events are also right up her alley. She loves planning them. She loves attending them.

At this blogger event, we sampled a variety of different products, some of them new (which we will reveal in an upcoming blog post but for now, check out the picture below).  I thought they were all delicious!  While I was indulging in the food and drinks, Aileen and the other bloggers (who were all women by the way) had their heads down and buried in their phones.  I couldn't understand why they were spending more time taking pictures and typing than eating!  But as I sat there, I realized they were working. Snapping staged shots and using every form of social media to promote the event.  They were even talking about pictures they saw at similar events around the country.  

This is not at all something I am used to or would have felt comfortable doing.  It showed me that I have a lot more to learn about running a blog and eventually, I hope to have a larger role. But for now I am happy writing the occasional post and enjoying events where food is served. After all, it's how I found out where I can get my pumpkin fix for the next few months.


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