3 Steps to a Happy Bedtime Routine

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Having worked at one of the zoos in South Florida, I know how important it is to conserve and recycle. But it doesn't help if only I know these lessons. That's why Newsy Dad and I are teaching Monkey and Lil Tank. With April being Earth Month, we decided to share this with you, too. Because the more people who know, the better.

We talk to our daughters about how simple things we do can save the lives of animals and preserve their habitats including recycling and cutting the plastic rings that hold soda cans together. We actively work to reduce our water waste and use natural light when we can. Now, we're going a step further and working to decrease the number of products in our home that contain chemicals.

Little did we know that by using Tom's of Maine's toothpaste, it would also lead to a happier bedtime routine.

Let's face it. At the end of the day, we are all exhausted. The girls spent the whole day in school. Mommy and Daddy were at work. Then, the minute we get home, it's dinner, homework, bath and bed. No time to breathe. Just go, go, go. And before you know it, it's 8:30.

Before using the yummy tasting Tom's of Maine Silly Strawberry Fluoride Toothpaste , the girls would fight us to brush their teeth. Now, they look forward to it! It's one of our 3 Steps to a Happy Bedtime Routine.


  1. SELECT AN ALL NATURAL, GREAT TASTING TOOTHPASTE- Once we've finished having dinner, doing homework and taking baths, we slip into our pajamas and head straight for the sink. The girls take out their Tom's of Maine toothpaste and spread it on their brush. They like the strawberry flavor. Yes, we all know you don't swallow toothpaste with fluoride but the flavor still gets swished around in your mouth so you want it to taste good. Plus, don't you like knowing you're not putting chemicals in your mouth to keep your teeth clean? Newsy Dad and I are leading by example, using Tom's Whole Care® Peppermint and Spearmint Fluoride Toothpaste. To keep our teeth white, we switch off and use their Antiplaque & Whitening Peppermint Fluoride Free Toothpaste. I've also recently started using Tom's Apricot Deodorant. I'm afraid Newsy Dad will want to take a bite out of me because I smell just like fresh fruit. The best part after opening a new product is you can recycle the cardboard box. Sure, we do this with cereal boxes, but have you ever thought about recycling your personal care products? We've got other simple recycling tips here.

  2. DOWNLOAD AN INTERACTIVE TOOTH-BRUSHING APP - Another great way to engage your kids into the whole "brush your teeth for two minutes" drill is to give them something to look at or watch. We recently discovered the Disney Timer and it's a huge hit with Monkey and Lil Tank. As you brush, so does the screen. The toothbrush on the screen brushes away the bubbles and at the end of two minutes, it reveals a picture. Usually a different picture every night depending on which Disney character you choose.

  3. HAVE YOUR KIDS SELECT THEIR BEDTIME BOOKS - This one is probably a given when they're old enough to point to the book they'd like to read or grab it themselves. But we feel empowering our kids with this decision is important. It gives them freedom of choice and shows them that we support their decision. Even if it means they select the same book FIVE DAYS IN A ROW. But at that point, we may kindly encourage them to pick something else.

By doing these three things, we have created a much happier bedtime routine. If you'd like to follow these steps and pick up Tom's of Maine for you and your kids, click here for $1.00 off any Tom's of Maine product purchase at Walmart. You can find their products in the toothpaste and deodorant aisle of Walmart. See the picture below.

What green products do you use in your house? How do you teach your kids about recycling and protecting Mother Earth?