What's the best way to celebrate your 40th birthday?

It was a milestone birthday. The big 4-0. I knew I wanted to do something special for my hubby of just over a year. So I thought about what his interests are and what he might want. Hmm... he liked sports and he liked to drink. Why not rent out a bar? Done.

Happy 40th Birthday to my hubby! I rented out a bar to celebrate.

Here we are before the party. You'll want to keep reading to see the AFTER picture because it's soooo worth it!

Some of our friends helped me decorate the bar, StoneHouse in Boise, Idaho where we were living at the time, earlier in the day. From what you can see, it looks great, huh?

We provided a keg for our guests but left the hard liquor to a cash bar. Good thing, too, considering how many shots Brian had. This is just one of them. Something tells me he didn't like it very much.

What goes better with alcohol than chocolate birthday cake? Brian was having such a good time, he sang along. Who does that? Who sings happy birthday to themselves? Apparently, a 40-year-old man having a blast of a birthday! That wouldn't be the last of the singing that night. He danced behind the bar, opened his presents, turned a pool stick into a guitar and pretended the soda gun was a microphone, hence more singing. These pictures don't even tell the whole story... but they sure do give you an idea of the celebration.

It was such a great night! One that I'm sure not only the birthday boy but all of our guests enjoyed as well. As for my next milestone birthday, I'm hoping to spend it on a private yacht.

How about you? What have you done to celebrate your birthday? We'd love to hear your stories.

Oh... here's that after picture you read through this post to see. Hope it was worth waiting for!


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