How do you deal with a bossy, sick child?

Poor Lil Tank.  For three days this week, she has been dealing with a runny nose and coughing.  She had a fever on Tuesday (something I didn't notice until my wife mentioned it when she got home from work. Oops. Find out how she felt about that here.) and she woke up Wednesday with her face looking puffy and red.  She has definitely not been feeling herself.  

Normally, our youngest is very independent.  But the last few days she has been needy and clingy.  In fact, it's even worse than that... she's been BOSSY.

That isn't typical behavior for her. That is more like big sis, Monkey's behavior, but even then she sort of does it in a sweet way.

Well yesterday, Lil Tank was demanding. "Daddy, pick me up." "Daddy, hold me." "Daddy, play with me." Sentences that normally ended with please just ended. I went with it, I knew she wasn't feeling well. Since my wife was working late for an event this weekend, I stayed home from work. That meant a whole day of getting commands from a 2 year old. But look at that face, how could you say no?

How do you handle a sick child? Does yours turn bossy like mine? Any advice you could give me?


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