Want to wear designer jewelry without buying it?

DISCLAIMER: I received three months of free Rocksbox service to experience what they have to offer. No compensation was received for this review. As always, all opinions are my own.

Jewelry has always been my thing. Well, not so much lots of different rings because I usually only wear my wedding ring. But bangles, statement necklaces and chandelier earrings. I love them all. However, I don't tend to invest a lot of money in my pieces. It's mostly costume jewelry. But I have to admit when I started seeing Kendra Scott pieces everywhere especially seeing how great it pairs with Lilly Pulitzer and Lilly Pulitzer for Target clothes, I really wanted some. I just didn't know about spending over $50 for one piece, if it didn't look great on me.


Rocksbox is a relatively new website that offers designer jewelry for "rent". You pay a monthly fee and receive three pieces in each box. But how do they know what to send you? How will they know what your style is? What if you prefer studs to dangles? What if you like pearls instead of spikes? Have no fear, your stylist selects pieces based on your preferences indicated in a quiz you take when you set up your account. It's like a multiple choice test with pictures. You select the ones that best suit you.

Then, comes the fun part... the BOX! Check out my video reveals below.

So what happens if you don't like what's in your box? You can simply return it in the same box and envelope with the enclosed pre-paid shipping slip. You'll receive a new box right away. You can return them as much as they'd like during the month. What if you want to keep one or more of the pieces? You can do that, too. 

With each box, you receive $10 Shine Spend. So you spend $19 for the monthly service and get $10 to put toward a purchase every month. Take for example the Kendra Scott Rae Pendant Necklace. It retails for $65. As a Rocksbox Insider, you're offered the piece at $52. Use your Shine Spend, you only pay $42. What a great price for a statement Kendra Scott necklace!

I also received this gorgeous Trina Turk bracelet. Retails for $129. Insider's Price of $102. That a bit beyond what I usually spend. But for a month, I can proudly wear this beauty and then return it.

Rocksbox has really opened my eyes to lots of different designer pieces that I can wear for a girl's night out or a special date with NewsyDad and return the next day. Or keep my favorite pieces at a discounted price. Sounds like a pretty great deal to me. That's why I'm on my fourth month of using the service. What's even better?

Rocksbox is giving our Newsy Parents readers an opportunity to try out their service for FREE for one month just by using the code NEWSYPARENTSXOXO when you sign up.

What do you think? Will you give it a try? What are your favorite jewelry pieces to wear?


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