Earn FREE jewelry when you host a Stella & Dot party

DISCLOSURE: I was provided a complimentary Stella & Dot necklace in exchange for writing about my experience hosting a party. All opinions are my own.

Food + Fashion + Friends = FUN

A recipe for success comes together when throwing a party, especially a Stella & Dot one. And, it's pretty easy too, especially when you have a great Stella & Dot stylist like me.

Alyssa Pinnock and I met through a mutual blogger friend, Melissa from Eyes of a Boy. When I read Melissa's write-up of the Peacock necklace, I knew I had to have one. I'm known for my statement pieces and this one needed to be added to the collection. It just NEEDED to.

So, I reached out to Alyssa to start planning a Stella & Dot party. In exchange for hosting a party and writing about my experience, Alyssa provided me with the gorgeous necklace. I couldn't wait to receive it in the mail. Delivery was quick. Arriving in just a few days, there it was in its STUNNING glory. 

I wore the Peacock necklace the day I received it to a lunch meeting at Flagler Village Community Garden in Fort Lauderdale. If you've been there before, you know there's a huge tree that screams to be hugged. That's exactly what I did.

I immediately received compliments on the statement piece and invited those nice people to the Stella & Dot party I was hosting. So what does it take to host a party or "trunk show" as some call it?

Food for me is always the center of the party - it's what gathers people together. I've been known to position myself at the food table, grazing all night. And there's nothing wrong with that. You meet new people every time they come to the table. Great way to network and fill your tummy at the same time. But all in moderation, right?

I chose to keep the food simple since the theme was Sunday brunch. The spread included an assortment of fruit, cheeses, chips & hummus, plus some tea sandwiches I made from scratch. Two varieties: cucumber and egg salad with bacon. Because bacon makes everything better!

You also need guests so I invited about 25 friends through various networks - my daughters' schools, work, and blogging. Some had prior commitments, others were out of town, so we ended up with about 10. I would suggest inviting 40-50, expecting half to attend. Unfortunately, it was pouring rain the day of the party but thankfully our outdoor venue had an overhang for covering. I got a little wrapped up in the event and forgot to take pictures of us. Next time.

The other essential component besides food and friends is the jewelry, of course. That's where Alyssa comes in. She brings everything you could possibly need. We provided a table, but she's got a tablecloth and beautifully displays the Stella & Dot jewelry. She invited us to try on anything and everything and with multiple mirrors available, we could see how it looks on us.

What surprised me is that Stella & Dot sells handbags and totes. I especially loved the fish tail one, which you can find here. So cute for the beach, right?

Besides checking out the latest Stella & Dot products, hanging with your friends and enjoying delicious food, the biggest perk about holding a party is you could earn FREE stuff! Depending on how many orders are placed and how much money you and your friends spend, you could receive credits and discounts to purchase from their line.

So have I got you interested in hosting a Stella & Dot party? If so, contact Alyssa (located in South Florida). Maybe you're just interested in buying some beautiful pieces? If so, click here (if you order by May 5th - you'll get it in time for Mother's Day. That's great incentive, right? So break out the wallet and get your fingers to typing...). 


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