How to protect YOUR bed from your child's bodily fluids

So your child is sick - burning up from a fever, coughing constantly, nose running like a faucet and vomiting so much that only stomach acid and bile come up. The only thing they want? Mommy and Daddy's embrace.

That was the story with Monkey over the weekend. She must have caught what Lil Tank had... but so much worse. At least Lil Tank didn't puke. (Read about how I was wishing pain upon myself to take hers away here.)

Now, I find myself making the same wish. It pains me to see my babies so miserable. I wrap my arms around them to comfort them and let them know it'll be okay. As they climb into my bed to sleep for the night, I know it'll be okay, too. Well, at least my bed will be okay - protected from the possible puke that might resurface overnight.

It's all thanks to this. Have you seen it before? It's a crib sheet protector. I first bought two of them when we were expecting Monkey. They were a lifesaver - in sickness and in health. That's why when Lil Tank came along, we decided to purchase two more. It's now on my list of must-have items for expecting mom friends.

I have found many uses for this protector besides the crib. In Monkey's full-size bed in case of any accidents. On the floor for picnics in case the girls or my husband spill a drink. On OUR bed, again in case of any accidents or illness when the girls want a slumber party. It's so much easier than changing the sheets in the middle of the night. You just place this ON TOP of the sheets, snap it around the crib rails or lay it on the bed. Should something messy happen overnight, you just unsnap, remove and replace with your spare. It's that easy.

That's exactly what I did Saturday night before Monkey climbed into OUR bed. She slept on top of it. Got up and got sick a few times... but made it to the bathroom. She was a real trooper. So luckily, we didn't need the protector. But who knows? Next time, we might.

How many of you have these? What do you use them for? Have they been a lifesaver for you, too? We'd love to hear your story.