5 Steps to Get What You Want from the Lilly Pulitzer Collection at Target

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When I first heard the news about Lilly Pulitzer and Target collaborating for a collection, I immediately marked the release date on my calendar. I can't believe that day is almost here! I already have visions of Mommy & Me matching shift dresses and coordinating swimsuits to feature in our What We Wear segment like our Frozen-inspired look. Plus, the rompers and jumpsuits have our names all over them.

I have a few Lilly pieces in my closet - ones that I would call staples including this awesome strapless dress that I wore to a networking event on a yacht in South Florida with my friend Teana from 3E Connections. So Palm Beach, don't you think?

In preparation for the launch this Sunday, I scoured the internet looking for a preview of the items and what to expect from the limited edition sale. In doing so, I came up with these 5 tips to ensure you get what you want from the Lilly collection.

5 Steps to Get What You Want from Lilly Pulitzer at Target

1. Browse the collection. Take a look at Target's Lilly Pulitzer lookbook now and decide exactly what you want. I even printed out the collections and circled looks for me, the girls, and our home because I'm more of a paper and pen type-of-girl when it comes to these sorts of things. With 250 items in the collection and prices ranging from $2 to $150, averaging about $30, there's something for everyone. You'll also want to know your size in Target clothes, not Lilly Pulitzer because I heard this collection is made and sized differently. It's important to note that no plus-sized items will be available in-store, only online

2. Create a Target.com account and save your credit card information. This tip is a bit controversial. Because of security breaches including the one on Target a few years ago, some customers are weary about saving their personal information include credit cards online. However, if you're serious about getting your hands on this Lilly collection, it might be a good idea to create a Target.com account and save your info. I'd also suggest you become a REDCard member to receive free shipping and save an additional 5% on purchases. Speaking of money, it's also probably wise to set a budget so you don't grab or click everything in sight. I know, easier said than done. I mean, c'mon, it's LILLY!

3. Add important items to your cart immediately. There are many items from the collection that will be available online only like the plus-size clothing and some accessories, like these awesome gold wedges! Add these items to your virtual cart and check out immediately. Then go back and get any "B" list items you're eyeing. If you want to wait, add any items you think you might want to your cart before someone else grabs it and if you change your mind, simply remove it before you pay.

4. Shop early online. If any of the other Target collaborations are an indication, the early bird gets the worm. From what I've read, the collection could be released online anytime between midnight and 2 a.m. CST on April 19. So get your fingers ready to shop.

5. Get to the store early. If you prefer to shop in person to see how the clothes fit, get your walking shoes ready. Show up early before the doors open to get your best shot at what you want. Unlike other collaborations, the Lilly Pulitzer collection will be available in ALL Target stores. You can check when your local store opens here. 

There you go, my 5 tips to get what you want from Lilly Pulitzer at Target. I'll leave you with this awesome video of the collection come to life! 

Do you plan to shop Lilly Pulitzer at Target? What's at the top of your must-have list?

Photo Credit: Target

Photo Credit: Target

Photo Credit: Target