Walk on water LITERALLY: A review about Walk on Water Fitness

Have you ever jumped out of a perfectly good airplane?

Have you ever pulled 8.5Gs in an aerobatic plane? 

Have you ever walked on water? 

Thanks to the Niche Parent 2013 Conference, this adventure-seeker can now answer YES to all three questions.

As part of the conference, participants were invited to take a complimentary paddle boarding lesson with Walk on Water Fitness, under the provision that we write about our experience. No problem. I love trying new things. I love to write. This was a win-win.

Before we were even strapped onto our board, Paula Hennessey of the Walk on Water Fitness husband & wife team, asked, "Who wants to do some tricks?" My hand shot up as if she asked who wants to be a millionaire. I was that excited. She thought I was kidding, but about an hour into our lesson (that's how long it took my legs to stop shaking and become comfortable with walking on water), Paula was challenging me. Challenging me to run on the board. I did. Challenging me to turn around in a circle on the board. I did. It was AMAZING!

You must be reading this thinking, I'm not going to do all that. I CAN'T do ANY of that. Maybe I shouldn't even give it a try? YES, you should. Paddle boarding is for everyone. Really, EVERYONE. Even toddlers. I know because they said we could bring our daughters next time. I plan on it.

As you'll see in my review video below, you'll start sitting on the board. You can stay in that position and paddle. You can paddle on your knees. You can stand and paddle. It's all up to you. The instructors are patient and supportive. They'll only push you, if you want to be pushed. You know, like me. I was asking for it. Just take a look.

Here's what you need to know: 

www.walkonwaterfitness.com - Check it out for more information including FAQs. You can take classes for $45/person up to 5 people. $35/person for groups of 6 or more.  

Facebook: Walk on Water Fitness - Here's where they post pictures from events and lessons. You can see more pictures from our group's outing on their page.

Hope you'll give walking on water a try - there's nothing quite like it. I will warn you, it is a workout. You'll feel sore the next day, but a good kind of soreness. For those who have paddle boarded, what did you think? We'd love to hear about your experience.