Lace detail is IN

In LOVE. That's why this dress HAD to be the star in my first "fashion" blog post. I found this little gem at a great, locally-owned women's boutique in Fort Lauderdale called Etiquette Boutique. It's located in Harbor Shops. They're also opening a second location at Union Planters Plaza, the shopping center where Dick's Sporting Goods and Whole Foods Market in Fort Lauderdale are located. ***Disclosure: this is one of the shopping centers I market.*** I'll let you know when they're opening (They're OPEN! Read more here). 

So I bet you never would've guessed this dress was altered. Because I'm petite - standing at a mere 4'11'' with a shorter-than-average torso - the dress left too much fabric around the shoulders. But my tailor did a beautiful job "cutting and pasting" that even I couldn't tell where surgery was performed. IMPECCABLE job.

TIP: Just because you're petite doesn't mean you have to wear petite clothes. Find garments you love and if they fit perfect in every area except for maybe one, have a great tailor/seamstress take it "under the knife".

LESSON: If you love something and know it'll look great with a little tailoring, buy it. You don't want to regret not getting it later. I'm glad I did or I wouldn't have this glam number in my closet!


I'll reveal where you can get these great accessories in an upcoming post.  



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