Searching for Lilly for Target? Find the collection at retail prices here.

With smiles like that. Wearing clothes like this. It was worth it. Worth staying up until 6 a.m. Worth sleeping for one hour. Worth waiting in the line outside Target. To get our hands on the Lilly for Target collection.

Prior to the designer collaboration launch, I wrote a post on the 5 Steps to Get What You Want from Lilly for Target. I can say from following the plan that it works. We all knew the website would crash or experience difficulties as they called it, but I didn't give up. When didn't pull up on my laptop, I switched to my tablet and then my phone. Technology and patience definitely paid off. These tips can also be applied to any future collaborations. 

I selected web only items first and purchased right away. That's how we ended up with 9 different orders. 7 arrived over the weekend. 2 more expected today. Most of what we got is for Monkey & Lil Tank.


After said one hour of sleep, we woke up bright and early last Sunday morning for the Lilly launch at our local Target store. I was trying to strategize on which location would be the best in terms of inventory and the number of Lilly fans. But let's be real, this is South Florida and Lilly is a household name here. You usually can't afford her, which is why this Target line is in such demand.

You might be thinking, why did we even bother going to the store if I had placed 9 online orders? Well, one of my friends told me that during a different Target designer collaboration, she had placed an order but it wasn't fulfilled. I didn't want to miss out on Lilly in exclusive prints and affordable prices, so we made a family event out of it.

In fact, here's the video we made in the car of our strategy to get all things Lilly.

With the girls' must have list in hand, we planned for Newsy Dad to hit up the kids section with Monkey and Lil Tank. I would make a bee line for women's. That meant home goods wasn't covered. No mugs. No plates. No napkins for us.

When we arrived 30 minutes before the store opened, there were probably 100 people in front of us. The Target staff informed us no running, no pushing, no shoving. Thank goodness because I was having horrible visions of Black Friday trampling... I mean shopping. Doors opened at 8 a.m. I kid you not, the entire collection was gone in 3 minutes. 

Newsy Dad and the girls didn't have any luck in the kids' section because all of the clothes were located in the women's area. By the time I got to the racks, the only items left were children's sized clothing. Some women didn't know that at the time and when all the pieces were gone, they were surprised that their size L shift dress was made for a 12-year-old girl or maybe a petite lady like myself.

When the smoke cleared, we ended up with a nice stash of clothes that fit the girls now and will fit in a few years. But when I went to pay, the employee informed me that I could only buy one of each similar item. Luckily, Newsy Dad was there so we could buy two of each to have matching outfits for the girls. I don't think every Target followed this rule because I heard stories of people just dumping everything in their carts. I think there should be a limit so it gives others an opportunity to buy from the collection instead of hoarders making a profit on eBay.

Speaking of eBay, this isn't the only place to find Lilly for Target. I'll give you some great ideas after a look at our little fashionistas modeling the collection. Yes, shameless plug for our girls. But don't they look so cute acting silly for Lilly?


Styling this line is so much fun. I've worn them with my Palm Beach Sandals, which look like Jack Rogers, but are the originals and are much more comfortable and made of better, higher quality materials.

Then, there's my obsession - Bourbon and Boweties. I've met the designer before and she's the sweetest. This article will tell you where to purchase these handmade baubles in store and online with free shipping.

So you've read our whole story just to find out where to get Lilly for Target at retail prices. Here are my suggestions:

  • GO TO THE STORE: With a return policy of 14 days (30 days if you paid with your REDCard - another reason why you should apply for one here. Not to mention you can link it to your bank account so it's not a credit card, you get 5% off every time you shop and free shipping online), many returns are showing up now. You'll want to ask Customer Service. You'll want to ask the fitting room attendants. Sometimes there will be a table in the front of the store where Lilly items are being displayed. You can also call, but by the time you get there, it might all be gone. Because people want these pieces at cost, not inflated costs.
  • JOIN FACEBOOK GROUPS: If you don't want to drive around to all the Target stores in your area or your closest Target is two hours away, you can find some success online. One place is Facebook. Search "Lilly for Target Group" and you'll find all kinds of groups to join. The rules for each depend on the admin. Some groups are trade only. Some only allow you to mark up the price $10-$15 over retail to cover the cost of shipping, PayPal fees and taxes. You can also enter in your city to see if you can trade locally. I've joined a few and it's been very helpful in trading pieces.
  • SEARCH INSTAGRAM: If you're on Instagram, search "#LillyforTarget", "#LillyforSale" and "ReLilly". Those key phrases will pull up the most images and you can see what people are selling and for what prices. Because of this demand and since some of our online orders are duplicates (thanks to, we have launched our own account to sell these items but also the girls' clothes from when they were babies and maybe even some of mine that I don't wear anymore. Follow us - @NewsyParentsCloset. We are selling our Lilly items (mostly 3T, 4T, 5T and XS women) at retail plus $10-$15 to cover shipping, PayPal fees and taxes. We're not looking to make a profit, but to offer what we have to our loyal readers and people who may not have the means to get to a Target store.
  • SEARCH EBAY: Yes, there are some people price gouging on eBay. But for the most part, prices have come down. Some starting bids are just $1 over retail plus $5 shipping. Not bad.

If you agree to buy something from someone, I would advise you to pay them through PayPal using the gifts option. It covers you, in case the sale falls through. I've heard of some people being scammed, but there are some honest people out there who want to just provide others with Lilly pieces that don't fit them or they received multiples of, like we did. 

If you decide to trade items, invoicing is also a good idea so that you have some recourse. If you plan to trade in person, just as with anything - meet in a public place and maybe bring your husband or friend along, just in case.

Hope these tips help. Best of luck in your search and we'd love to hear what you're looking for and what you got from the collection in the comments below.

Until then, we leave you with this famous Lilly quote - "Palm Beach is a state of mind."