Letting their personalities shine with LittleMissMatched

DISCLOSURE: We were provided complimentary products from LittleMissMatched to facilitate our review. The opinions expressed are honest and provided without monetary compensation.

As our girls get older, they are really starting to develop their own personalities and it's so fun to watch.

Our oldest, Monkey, is shy at first but once you get to know her, she quickly becomes your forever friend.

Our youngest, Lil Tank, is a sassy chatterbox. She says hello to everyone and will talk to anyone who will listen.

Since becoming a mother of two, I've dressed them alike. Much like my mother did with my sister and me. My husband doesn't care for it but I think it's cute. Sometimes, I like to match them as well. I just love coordinated outfits!

Now that the girls are getting older and want to dress themselves, the matchy-matchy days don't happen as often. While it makes me sad, it also makes me glad to see them select their own outfits and feel confident as they wear them. We've found a fabulous line of clothing that helps them express their personalities. It's called LittleMissMatched.

LittleMissMatched is known of their bright, vibrant socks. When going through their lookbook, the girls immediately knew which socks they wanted. Monkey went with the candy sock jar. Lil Tank chose the zany spin-o-rama. I even found a matching Mommy & Me sleep set for us. I think every mother and daughter should own this one. It's awesome! Monkey loves when we wear them together and if it didn't have to be washed, she would wear it every night!

The girls have loved mixing and matching their socks. Monkey even wore them when they played in a snow pile. She made sure she put on her clear sandals so you could see the socks. How fashionable!

If you're reading this and are thinking, my kids don't care what their socks look like. No worries. LittleMissMatched offers some fun and funky girls clothing along with gift sets. They also have unique toy options including fashion dolls and knitpets

The great news is they're giving our readers a special offer. Use the code NEWSY25 to receive 25% off sitewide (excluding bikes and bedding). It's valid for the entire month of December 2015. For the next two days, you can get 40% off using the code OOPS.

Now for the best part of this post, a true testimonial from our girls about their LittleMissMatched socks. Trust us, this video will make you smile.

What do you think? Would your girls like LittleMissMatched? What's your favorite item on their website?