Million Dollar Shoppers: I knew her when...

You probably know her as "Amy" from Lifetime Television's Million Dollar Shoppers. I know her as one of my sister's best friends from college. Just take a look at this beautiful picture from my sister's bridal shower in New York City. Keep reading... you'll also see us on the set of Regis & Kelly - another great national TV show appearance (more so for me, than Amy... but more about that later).

Amy Salinger of Million Dollar Shoppers with us at my sister's bridal shower in New York City

I remember when I first met Amy Salinger. Let me just say, the person she portrays on TV is who she really is in person. Amy's loud. She wasn't playing it up in Episode 2 when the client kept SHHHing her! If you missed it, you can watch a snippet of clips here. The girl also has great style especially with accessories. Those two qualities are probably why her Twitter handle is @SassnStyle.

Another fun fact about your favorite personal shopper? Amy shares her opinion with anyone and EVERYONE. That's just her, one could call her "No Filter Amy". But I would think as a personal shopper, you'd want to hear an honest opinion. She's not going to tell you you look fabulous, if you don't. I'm very much the same way. Not for you, but for me because if we're going out, YOU need to look good. We ALL need to look our best. Why? Because when you look your best, you feel your best!

I'm sure with the exposure she's been getting lately, Amy is feeling good. It's been a blast to watch her do what she does on national TV. She's been on lots of networks before talking about fashion, but there's been just one appearance we've had together. It was a great one - Regis & Kelly!


I worked at an NBC affiliate at the time and one of my co-workers was able to get us four tickets to the show during my sister's bridal shower/bachelorette party weekend. After going through the security screen, I started talking to one of the producers about my sister's special weekend and how we bought her a tiara that she didn't want to wear because "it clashed with her outfit". Those were the exact words that came out of my sister's mouth as I put it on her head on the way to the studio. She ripped it off. I put it in my bag. I was going to get her to wear it. Tiaras make you feel special. It was her special weekend, she NEEDED to wear the tiara!

The show's producer was on my side. He was going to make sure that tiara was on my sister's head before the show was over. His idea? Have Kelly wear her tiara to encourage my sister to put hers on. Watch the video to see if it was mission accomplished or mission failed.






In addition to being featured in the Audience Spotlight, we were given special VIP treatment - a tour of the studio before the show started and access to take pictures on set. For this former TV newsie who loves the inside scoop and behind-the-scenes tours, it was an experience I will treasure forever. Even though Amy is making a name for herself on another network, I hope she has fond memories of this experience as well. 

Have you watched Million Dollar Shoppers? What do you think of the show? Who's your favorite personal shopper? We'd love to know.