3 Must Haves to Surviving the Summer at Disney

We love Disney World. Ever since moving to Florida nearly three years ago, we've bought into the season passes. When you go 4-5 times a year and stay 3-4 days each time, it's worth it. Plus the MEMORIES! 

During all those magical visits, we've learned a few things that we'd like to pass along... including how to surprise your kids with a trip to Disney and how to throw a Disney party.

Now that it's summer time, lots of people will be taking their families to the House of Mouse and possibly experiencing Disney's Frozen Summer Fun Live at Hollywood Studios.

It's hot. It's humid. It's summer in Florida.

3 Must Haves to Surviving the Summer at Disney

  1. Be ready for the sun & rain! That means wear sunscreen obviously, but also pack a poncho. You can easily pick one up at the dollar store. Trust us, this will save you lots of money because usually between 3-5 p.m. EVERY DAY in the summer in Florida, it will rain. Actually, rain is an understatement. It will downpour. Sometimes, torrential downpour. While there will be breaks in the rain, you don't want to be caught unprepared and forced to buy a $10 Disney poncho when you could've bought one for a buck.
  2. Pack your misting fan! We were so smart to buy our $1 ponchos, we didn't think about buying a $3 misting fan. One trip last year, we were so miserable in the heat. The humidity made us feel like we were covered in a blanket. We saw relief. A huge bucket of misting fans. Misting fans with the Disney logo. Misting fans that cost us $12, I think. I really can't remember. We were so hot we just needed cool air blowing on us. We loved the fact that you could spray water and fan yourself at the same time. Do yourself a favor, when you're buying your poncho, pick up one of these, too.
  3. Stay hydrated! Surely we all bring water bottles to Disney. What if you run out? Do you want to spend $10 on a four pack of water for your family that'll last you approximately 5 minutes? You can get free water at any of the kiosks or restaurants that serve fountain drinks. No, it's not bottled water but it will quench your thirst. We've done this just about every trip. It's better than a water fountain to refill your bottle because they give you ice. ICE COLD WATER. So refreshing after exploring the parks.

Of course, take breaks when you and the kids need it. We find it's always better to hit the parks right when they open and then leave mid-afternoon for a nap or a swim in the pool, then if you'd like, go back to the parks when the sun has set.

We hope these tips help you plan for your summer trip to Disney. We'll be sharing more along the way. While we're no Disney expert, we have learned from our experiences and have even taken a few families with us that trusted us to plan the entire stay. Friends also ask our advice when planning their next trip. It's those tips we want to share with you. 

What's your question? We will try our best to answer it. If we can't, we will try our best to find someone who can. Leave your question in the comments below. Have a magical vacation!