Entertaining in Style! Review of NewAir AW-211ED Wine Cooler

DISCLAIMER: We were provided a complimentary wine cooler in exchange for sharing our experience with the product. No compensation was provided. All opinions expressed are our own. 

I love this picture. The wedding portrait celebrating our 9 years of marriage. The painting, a masterpiece by my brother-in-law. The wine rack holding every single glass on our registry... and then some. So what's missing from the picture?

A wine cooler!

We found the perfect addition to our home. It's the NewAir AW-211ED. It's sleek design with its stainless steel appearance and is the perfect size for our kitchen. Since we're renting, it's easily portable so we can take it with us every time we move.

We love to entertain. Our friends and family enjoy both red and white wines. So we prefer the  NewAir AW-211ED cooler over one that only offers one temperature because we feel like that would mostly be used for wine storage. This dual zone cooler allows us to chill our wines at the idea temperatures for serving.

How about these blue LED lights? They look really cool when the kitchen lights are dimmed.

Since it's equipped with thermoelectric technology, the cooler has no compressor making it extremely quiet. It doesn't make a sound. 

The cooler can hold 21 bottles of wine. Though in our experience, if you fill the shelves, it's a bit harder to pull them out. Overall, we think the NewAir AW-211ED is a wonderful addition to our home, sitting right next to our wine rack. We know it'll get lots of use as we head into the holidays. See it in action in our video below.


  1. Dual Zone: It stores wine at different temperatures. Perfect for those who enjoy both red and white.
  2. Smaller Size: It's portable and fits nicely in kitchen or bar areas with limited space.
  3. Sleek Design: The stainless steel and black style goes with any decor while the blue LED lights illuminate the interior making it pleasant for any entertaining space.

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