Patience is a virtue especially when you're talking toddlers

Patience is a virtue - at least that is what they say.

It loosely means that the ability to wait for something or someone without being angry or upset is a good and valuable asset. As a parent, it is probably the most important personality trait you can have.

Well, the last few weeks have really tried my patience. Ever since Lil Tank started potty training, I have been struggling with this heavenly virtue. Some days she does wonderful, but it seems that lately she has been relapsing. I will say she has been sick lately. She will have a couple of accidents a day and it takes everything in me to keep calm. I admit that after the 3rd accident of the day, I can't restrain myself. I have to give myself a timeout. On Mondays and Tuesdays, when I am with her all day long, I just pray that she will have a good day.

Well, in the last week we added another stresser to our life.  Bailey, our Pekingese-Shih Tzu mix, came down with a possible urinary tract infection.  (My wife explains her fear of possibly surgery here.)  She is constantly peeing.  Now, we have to deal with a toddler and a dog leaving puddles in every room.  At least with our Little Boo, she is on antibiotics to treat her problem. Lil Tank just has to get potty training down.

A lot of my friends and family told me I would be a great parent someday.  Maybe I was good with their kids because I was only around them for a few hours at a time.  I am still waiting for the parent they saw in me to come out.  Because right now, I am struggling with how to deal with the behavior of a 4 and 2 year old.  And I feel like it's only going to get worse as they get into grade school, then middle school and high school.  Hopefully, I will develop the patience I need to get me through this and other challenges in the future.  For now, I'm trying to enjoy each stage of life while also learning how to be a better parent.

Have you lost your patience with your kids? Was it during the potty training days or another time? Please share your stories below.



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