How to Make Nighttime Potty Training Easier!

DISCLOSURE: We were provided a complimentary mat from PeapodMats in exchange for sharing our experience with the product. All opinions expressed are our own. 

Maybe you've experienced it, too. You're sound asleep in bed. Laying next to your spouse. When all of a sudden, a little voice says "Uh-oh." Wait. What? Who's that? Oh, right. It's our little toddler, who quietly climbed into bed, sandwiched herself in between us without so much as a peep. Until now. 

You pop right up... feeling some sort of wetness around you. Wait. What? I didn't do that. Oh, great. Yup, Lil Tank peed in our bed. OUR bed. Not HERS. Immediately, NewsyDad and I spring into action. He's ripping off the sheets to put in the wash. I'm ripping off Lil Tank's clothes, wiping her down and changing her all in one foul swoop so we can get back to what was a restful sleep. It's exhausting! We never experienced this with Monkey. She had one accident. That's it. Period. 

So back to Lil Tank... as we lay there trying to drift back to lala land, I'm thinking, there has to be an easier way. After grumbling about it on Twitter, PeapodMats came to my rescue! The Canadian company was founded by two moms who had similar experiences, not in their own bed, but their toddler's beds. We're sharing their stories below taken from their website:

“It is my Swiss Army knife - I take the mat with me everywhere in case I need it” - Liz

I am a proud mother of two children (boy & girl) and the wife of an entrepreneur who created a hot yoga mat that is water absorbent and machine washable. I first started using the hot yoga mat when my children were just a few weeks old.  I used to place the infant bathing tub on top of the mat so the carpet would not get wet.  I also used it for baby tummy time on our bed or on the floor in case they went pee. When they outgrew the change table I used the mat for changing them on the floor.  The mat became one of my “must haves”!  I took it to restaurants, shopping malls, community centres and used it anywhere I needed to change my babies and to protect items like car seats and strollers.

Then there was potty training.   I was so excited when my kids were at the potty training stage but I quickly started to wish they stayed in diapers forever when I realized when they peed the bed it created more laundry for me and one more job I had to do in the morning.  Not to mentioned pee stained the mattress. One night, I placed the mat on top of my child’s bed sheet and in the morning I discovered the pee had not gone through the mat. The sheets and mattress (and me) were saved!  All I had to do was remove the mat and put it in the washing machine with the rest of our laundry and I was back to enjoying my coffee in the mornings. I met Amanda at our children’s school....

“It is always about the little things in life that make a huge difference or make things easier.”  - Amanda

I am a proud mother of an extremely active and outgoing little boy.  I shared with Liz one day my frustration with potty training. I had just gone through a very tough week of having to change and wash bedding every day.  Changing the bedding daily was the WORST for me,  my son has a bunk bed and I can’t tell you how many times I either hit my head or squished my fingers tucking the sheets over that “one” corner.  I became very irritated and at times frustrated with my little guy, which of course we all know is a “no-no” when it comes to potty training.

I tried a number of different products including the liners you place on top of sheets but they didn’t work. In the morning, I would find the liner bunched up in a corner of the bed, the sheets wet was another day of stripping the bed and more laundry!  Not to mention, I’m not a diligent laundress and it cost me. I would never remember to switch the dryer to “delicate” and it melted the liner backings.

It broke my heart one day when my son’s friend was playing on his bed and he asked “why does your bed make that weird sound?” I knew he was referring to the “crinkle” sound the liner made. My son came to me after and said he didn’t want that white thing on his bed anymore. I was out of products to use and then Liz thankfully saved me and gave me a yoga mat to use.

As you may have read in our previous posts about potty training here, here and here, it's been an experience of positive affirmations and rewards. We've also used crib sheet protectors which I highly recommend for not only blowouts with babies, but bed wetting with toddlers and sickness with all children. We share our experience here.

However, what makes the PeapodMats different is the material! It's so incredibly soft. It doesn't make that crinkle sound when you sleep or move on it. It's simple to use, too. You just place the mat on top of their mattress or yours, if they're wanderers like Lil Tank. But I do want to let you know that sometimes the 3x3 mat will bunch up if it's on a mattress larger than a full size and your child likes to move around. PeapodMats recommends the 3x5 size if you plan to co-sleep. No matter what size you get, if your child has an accident, the three protective layers on the cover will absorb the urine. Really! We've got the video to prove it. Just watch.

There are lots of other uses for the PeapodMats. The company tag line states it's for all stages of life and everything in between. It's true. Just take a look at the various ways to use it below. Plus, it's good for senior citizens, too, who may have trouble controlling their bladders at their advanced age.

Top 3 things we like about PeapodMats:

  1. It's soft. Your kids won't mind laying directly on it. Feels like a big towel. 
  2. It's easy to wash & dry. Use your regular cycle, no special settings.
  3. It's portable. We've taken it to hotels on our visits to Disney, especially on our most recent one where we surprised them here.

What do you think about the PeapodMats? Did you have trouble with nighttime potty training your child? What did you do that worked?


There are four different colors:

  • Beau Blue
  • Pinky Promise (which we have)
  • Rebel Red
  • Tinman Grey

They come in two different sizes:

  • 3x3 (which we have) for $49.99
  • 3x5 for $59.99

You can purchase from their website here or from Amazon for free shipping. Click on the color you'd like to purchase - Beau Blue, Pinky Promise, Rebel Red or Tinman Grey. Or if you'd like to feel and see the product in person, go here for a list of stores that carry them.


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