New to Periscope? Join the #SeptemberScopers Challenge!

So have you heard of Periscope? It's a relatively new app where you can broadcast LIVE!

As you know I was in the television news business for 12+ years (see my work here). NewsyDad still is. We would work together at times to bring viewers the news every day and night. 

Now through our blog, we share videos on our website and social media channels. Many might think that we shoot our videos a million times to get it just right but in reality, it's usually only one take. I don't like to have to do things multiple times so I try to get it right the first time.

With Periscope, you have the tools to chat and converse and engage with your viewers and followers in real time. It's pretty cool!

But with that said, we still haven't done our first scope. I know, I know, can't believe it's taken us this long. But we're starting today so please follow us @NewsyParents.

The reason we're launching our first scope is because we're involved in this awesome Periscope challenge called #SeptemberScopers organized by our friend and fellow media blogger, Lauren at WorkingMomMagic.

We will be scoping once a day (maybe twice, if I can get NewsyDad to scope also) on the topics below. Looking forward to connecting with y'all on another more personal level!


Newsy Parents

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