Persistence in Prayer: Keeping the faith despite unanswered prayers

Persistence. It's a word some have used to describe me a time or two. And rightfully so. As a former television journalist, I had to be persistent to get my story on-the-air for the 5 p.m., 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. news. 

Here's a typical scenario: 

- assigned a story to talk to city leader, politician, attorney, etc.

- call office of said person. sent to voicemail. 

- call office again to ask what time said person might be back.

- call again every hour until i get a response. 

- if still no response, go to said person's office to wait for him/her.

- if still eluded, stand outside said person's office and say on camera that we tried contacting said person several times today but our attempts were unsuccessful.

Based on the scenario above, some have described me as a "stalker". 

So how does this story relate to the title of this post? It goes back to the homily at church this past Sunday. It really hit home with me so I'm writing about it. Religion is not a topic I would normally talk about in a public forum but I wanted to share my thoughts with you. The Gospel reading focused on persistence in prayer. That got me to thinking about how often I pray to God and wait for His response. When I was younger, it was for trivial things like "Please God, will you make so-and-so my boyfriend?" "Please God, will you help me get straight A's?" Now, it's for things that mean so much more like my children, our health, our careers.

Over the years, I've been quick to give up when my prayers go unanswered.  It always reminds me of that Garth Brooks song, Unanswered Prayers. To this day, it seems that tune is on repeat in my head as I find myself questioning why God hasn't responded to my recent prayers. But as I sat in the church pew with my family on Sunday, I was reminded of the definition of faith. That's what I have. That's how I choose to live my life - with faith in God. Not gonna lie, that faith does waiver at times. That's where Sunday's lesson comes in.

I've realized that while I'm stalker-persistent on the job, I need to continue with that same perseverance in my daily life, especially in my conversations with God. I need to stalk God.

How about you? Are there times when you've felt like you want to give up on a particular prayer, especially when it goes unanswered? How persistent are you in prayer? Please share below. I hope I'm not the only one who feels this way.



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