No, it's not a right of passage. How I really feel about my daughter's new haircut...

The minute I saw her, the tears started flowing down my face.

I was shocked.

I was mad.

I was sad.

I was hoping it was a joke. But no, it wasn't.

I had just walked into my mother's house to pick the girls up from work, and there she was. Standing in front of me in her red Minnie Mouse shirt with a pixie-like hairdo. All done at the hands of her big sister.


I looked directly at my mom and asked, "Where were YOU?"

She said, "I was outside gardening."

Awesome. It was like a flashback to two years ago. When I was on my first business trip since I became a mom. Checking in with my husband that night, he tells me that Monkey cut her hair. Again the question. "Where were YOU?" 

NewsyDad replied, "In the shower."

"Where was my mom?" I asked because she was visiting us at the time. 

"In the kitchen," he answered.

Monkey had given herself a bang cut. Lopped off her locks to create bangs. Thankfully, that was all.

Oh, but not this time.

I screamed. I spanked. Yes, I know I shouldn't have. My emotions got the better of me. I then reminded Monkey of the time she cut her own hair and how I said never cut your hair, your sister's hair, or your doll's hair. Don't cut ANYONE'S hair. Scissors are for paper. Apparently, that lesson at 4 years old didn't quite stay with her. Well, maybe it stayed with her for her own hair but not her sister's.


I tried to get the full story. But all I got were pieces of it. Some from a 6 year old. Some from a 4 year old. Some from my mom who recanted what they told her. Here's what the victim, the sweet little girl who now looks like a boy told me about what happened.

Before we headed home, I texted NewsyDad a picture of Lil Tank with the caption, "Look what she did to the little one's hair!!! I cried. My mom was cleaning up the garden. Ugh. I'm so pissed!"

Classic clueless response from NewsyDad, "She cut her hair?"

"Yes!" was my answer to Captain Obvious.

"And it looks like your mom tried to fix it, " he replied.

Nope. That's the funny thing. Not funny, ha ha. But funny, why couldn't this have happened to the hair around her face. Monkey did a pretty decent job trimming up the back. But boy did she butcher the front. And to find out, she just KEPT CUTTING! As Lil Tank described in the video, "She just kept cutting more."


Naturally, when we got home, I posted a picture on Facebook. Some of my friends were sympathetic. Some empathetic. Some sharing their own similar stories. The majority saying, "It's a right of passage." 

"You'll laugh about it in a few years."

"Every girl does it."

You know what? It's not a right of passage. I never did it. I remember cutting my doll's hair one time and I was in BIG trouble. BIG. After that I never would've dreamed to cut my own hair.

No, I will not laugh about it. EVER. I don't have the best sense of humor. NewsyDad will tell you that. But it's not funny. I still haven't laughed about the other "incident" several years ago. 

Not every girl does it. I didn't. My sister didn't.

Will it be something we will look back on in the future? Of course! It's definitely a memory. Especially one that will be etched in my mind come school picture time.

Yes, hair grows back. But our Lil Tank's hair takes FOREVER. She was still nearly bald at one year old, people would think she was a boy. Seriously. Even though her ears were pierced and she wore tutus.


But it's okay. Even though she looks like a boy again. This is a good time to teach her that it doesn't matter how you look, it's about how you feel about yourself. You'll always be beautiful on the inside and out. Our Lil Tank is being such a good sport. Her spirit this morning is infectious. I just love her to bits.

You know the actual funny thing. We were going to get their hair cut for school today. Now, they'll trim up Lil Tank's lil pixie do and give big sis a matching one since she didn't want to cut her own hair for fear of messing it up. Another good lesson to teach that hair isn't all that make up a person.

Ah, the pretend haircut... that turned into a real haircut... that turned into another lesson about scissors and self-esteem. Every moment is a teaching moment, right?

For those of you who don't have a sense of humor like me, have trouble putting things in perspective and take things very seriously, how long before I stop crying and start laughing every time I see the pixie cut pictures? 


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