Potty Training: How Lil Tank is learning one wet panty at a time

For this post, I think we'll start with the end result and then back track to how we got here. Why? Because this picture is just so indicative of how the day ended in success. Just look at those smiling, happy and proud faces! 

When Monkey was 27 months old, she was already potty trained. She started two-year-old school in panties, ready to conquer the world as she knew it. 

Lil Tank is now 27 months old. She is NOT potty trained. She started two-year-old school in pull-ups, content to conquer the world without ever having to sit on the throne.

My mother says she remembers teaching me about the toilet. She says I passed on that lesson to my younger sister. I was expecting MY oldest to do the same. Despite her attempts, it's just not happening. Monkey is trying her hardest. She tells Lil Tank every time she's going to the potty. Even shows her how to use it, wipe, flush and wash her hands. So far, Lil Tank hasn't caught on. I just figured she wasn't ready. I know every child operates at the right speed for his/her brain. I didn't want to push it. But I did want to give it a little motherly nudge.

While Lil Tank's school encourages potty training, they had not started putting her on said potty. While WE encourage potty training at home, we had not started regularly putting her on the potty. That stopped this weekend. Well... sort of.

Monkey and I asked Lil Tank if she'd like to start wearing big girl panties. Lil Tank nodded her head with such enthusiasm her whole body shook, much like it does every time she's excited. So Monkey gave her smaller-sized Minnie Mouse, Dora and Hello Kitty underwear to her sister. Lil Tank wore them proudly. One after the other... after another... after another... after another. FIVE wet panties. That's how many accidents she had until ONE successful pee-pee in the potty. 

I was washing dishes in the kitchen when Lil Tank came running in, waving her hands in the air cheering, "I did it!" Monkey ran to the potty and came back saying, "Mommy, she went pee-pee in the potty!" We all went running to the potty. We all cheered. We jumped up and down. We gave high-fives. We enjoyed M & M's. We captured the moment on camera. The only thing that would've made this family fanfare complete was having our ENTIRE family, but unfortunately, Daddy was at work.

Lil Tank was so proud, she wanted to continue wearing panties to bed. Ummm, Mommy's not ready for that. Instead, we put panties on OVER her cloth diaper. One day we will be ready for overnight toilet training. But for now, we're ready for Day 2 of daytime lessons. Here's to our toilet-training toddler and hopefully, a series of pictures showing smiling, happy and proud faces! 

How old were your little ones when they started potty-training? Did any of your older siblings teach the younger ones? What methods have you used? What has been the most successful? Please share your stories with us. We'd love to read them.



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