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A good night's sleep. It's like the Holy Grail, right? Especially when you become a parent. No... scratch that. Especially when you have CHILDREN. Multiple. More than one that can wake you up.

When our precious little ones were infants, they slept a lot. But they were also up every few hours needing to be fed or changed. The minute we thought we had this night-time routine down, BOOM. They change it up. Then, they become toddlers. We converted the crib to a big girl bed, but that transition was still a bit frightening for Lil Tank. Read about our experience here. What about when they're old enough to go to school? For the most part, Monkey sleeps in her full-size bed ALL NIGHT but when it's stormy out, you bet she's gunning for my pillow!

So besides the kids not waking you up, what else can help with this successful quest of the Holy Grail? You got it, a new mattress! When was the last time you got one?

Growing up, I had the same mattress from the time I was in grade school until I left for college. When I graduated college and began my career as a television journalist (see my work here), I would go home as often as I could to visit my parents. Guess what greeted me? Yup, my trusty, raggedy old mattress. My parents refused to purchase a new one. Every time I slept on it, my back ached. The kind of ache you could feel the next day... and the day after that. You know what finally convinced my mom get a new one? Our kids. Yes, she wanted THEM to have something new to sleep on. Never mind me. Her DAUGHTER. Yes, the one she gave birth to. Nope. She was perfectly fine with me having the SAME mattress for what - 30 years?!

Needless to say, NewsyDad and I have since invested in a quality mattress, made of foam and not too hard or too soft. It's perfect. When we go on vacation and sleep in a hotel bed that's not as comfy, we count down the days until we can return home to our oasis. 

Speaking of mattresses, have you heard of Pure Crafted Beds? This is a company who knows beds. Their factory was started in 1946 and is still owned by the original family and into their third generation! They began by renovating porch furniture and mattresses in the 1940's, to a modern manufacturing facility located in Lansing, Michigan. They've been in business close to 70 years and have brought forth an amazing selection of products that will give you a great night's sleep. Your comfort is their business!

Each bed is "hand-crafted" and they always strive to provide the best value for each customer, whether at $299 or $2,999.

They carry two basic mattresses: TruEssence and TruSlumber. The only difference between the two beds is the core foam layer. The TruSlumber bed does not have a base layer of foam. This helps reduce the overall height of the bed, which makes it perfect for children, bunk beds, and other situations where a thinner mattress is required, like Monkey's platform bed.


One of the best features of Pure Crafted Beds is their use of an innovative product called the Eco Shield Cover. The cover is resistant to bed bugs, dust mites, mosquitoes, and moths... all without any artificial chemicals!


The proprietary EcoShield fabric is infused with Geraniol, a natural plant extract which provides all natural protection. Many anti-bed bug and dust mite products on the market today use synthetic chemicals. EcoShield® is the first product that is truly 100% natural, with no artificial chemical additives that uses a unique micro-capsule delivery system for long-lasting effects! Through a special process, the Geraniol is infused into the EcoSheild® cover, and is slowly released over time as movement occurs on the mattress. mattress_truslumber

EcoShield® is Scientifically Proven!

To find out more on how these beds are made, click the video below. It's pretty interesting, including how they roll up the mattress for easy transport!

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