2 Ingredient Queso Dip

It's Cinco de Mayo. In honor of this celebration, we are making our very popular 2 Ingredient Queso Dip and sharing it with you. Everyone I know loves this - kids, teens, adults.

I've been making this dip since I was in college. It was a great appetizer for a party or even a post-bar snack. Just be careful not to burn it. True story. My roommates can vouch for this.

Whenever we had pot luck dinners in the newsroom, I would bring this in. It was a hit!

Now for taco theme night dinners at home, Monkey & Lil Tank always ask for it. 

So what's in it? How do you make it? Watch the video below for the recipe and tutorial.

If you don't have a crock pot or slow cooker at home, you can always use a pot on the stove.

What's your favorite Cinco de Mayo dish?


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