Rain, rain, go away. Oh wait, I have my jacket & boots!

Walking through my local grocery store one morning, an employee says to me, "You must really like the rain." Puzzled, I respond, "Because of the way I'm dressed?" He nods his head affirmatively.

This is what I was wearing. And when I wear them, the compliments come as fast as the rain drops fall.

Monogrammed rain coat from Jewelry Nut Auctions. Rain boots from dav.

Living in South Florida for a year now, I've learned there are two seasons: rainy & not rainy.  That's why when I saw this monogrammed yellow rain jacket and champagne-colored, knee-high, lace-up rain boots, I had to get them. After all, they'd pay for themselves in one rainy week, right? At least, that's what I tell the other half of Newsy Parents. 

If you'd like to own this rain-ready gear, here's where I got mine.

The jacket is from Jewelry Nut Auctions, a Facebook-based retailer that offers fixed price designer and designer-inspired jewelry and clothing on select days. The Fort Worth-based company recently launched an e-commerce site as well. Along with the jacket, I've also purchased numerous jewelry pieces from JNA including the turquoise bow bracelet from my first fashion post.

The boots I scored off Zulily, but they're from a family-owned company based in Southern California called dav (with two dots over the "a"). The color of my boots - Quilted Victoria - is not currently available but they do have them in brown (on sale, too).

Now that you know where to get these fab finds, the question is: will your local grocery store employee greet you with the compliment, "You must really like the rain"? 





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