Say it isn't so... Loehmann's is closing!

Bittersweet. That's how I felt when I learned Loehmann's was closing following a bankruptcy filing in December. Sad that after 93 years, they were going out of business. Happy that it meant even bigger discounts, even better deals or as stated on their website "liquidation prices." I couldn't wait to find out exactly what that meant.

The next day, I made a plan to go to the stores in my area. While there are five in South Florida, I hit up two.  I was a little disappointed at the quote "liquidation prices." 10% off an item was not that big of a discount. 50% was more like it, but hardly anything I had my eye on was 50%. I still scored some great deals especially on shoes that were 40% off and actually in my size! Check it out - Coach shoes, black belt, floral top, Vince Camuto green jacket. The jacket is what's caught most people's attention who were wondering where I got it. Loehmann's for $30. Score… and in my favorite color, too!

Sadly, there were two pairs of boots that I wanted but my size was already sold out. I'm posting them here to show you the great markdown and selection still available. Hopefully someone with a shoe size bigger than 6.5 can get their hands on these beauties.

Oh, Loehmann's. I remember first shopping there when I was growing up. One location was not too far from my house but in a neighborhood where one wouldn't think to have a designer-discount store. Great selection because no one really knew it was there. Maybe they did know, but didn't dare venture to that part of the city. Either way, it was a big win for me! I remember shopping The Back Room and scoring deals on designers I'd never thought I could afford. I remember buying my first pair of white pants from said Back Room. Wish I still had them today. I donated them during one of my many moves… what was I thinking? Obviously, not that I'd one day end up in Florida where we practically wear white pants every. single. day. Oh well, memories. Bittersweet memories.

What memories do you have of Loehmann's? Have you scored any great deals? Would love to hear about them below. 


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