The time I almost saw the Twin Towers... but didn't. Now, regret.

Rendering from 2007 of one of the monuments in the World Trade Center Complex.

As we all look back to that morning 13 years ago, we promise once again to never forget.  To remember the sacrifices of those who rushed to the scene to do the job they chose to do.  To remember the innocent employees who just went to work that morning.  To remember those who boarded a plane heading to the other side of the country, especially those that decided to fight back, so the terrorists' plan wouldn't be completed.

I am also remembering the buildings themselves.  They all stood as symbols of how great our country is and why they were targeted in the first place.  Those two towers that stood as a symbol of how strong a capitalist country we are.  The Pentagon which represents our military power.

I've only been to NYC a few times and only once pre-9/11.  My first trip there, I went to see Nebraska play in the Kickoff Classic, back when college football picked two teams to start the season in New York.  The Cornhuskers were taking on West Virginia in what would be the beginning of their back-to-back championship seasons.  I went with a group of friends to watch the game and with all the festivities, we didn't have much time to explore.  So we split up into smaller groups to do our own thing. While many of the others went to the World Trade Center to see the towers, my best friend and I decided against it, not wanting to wait in the long lines.  I regret that decision to this day.  How awe-inspiring their soaring heights were and what it was like to look down from the observation deck to the city below. I'll never know. I missed it.

My next visit was post-9/11. Aileen and I made a point to go to Ground Zero when we were there in 2007, so we could pay our respects.  It was pretty much all blocked off for construction, but just being in the area was so serene.  Now all these years later, half of the buildings in the World Trade Center Complex are complete or nearing completion.  I'm looking forward to my next visit to NYC to see the finished project. Never forget.


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