Should you take your kids to a hockey game?

If you know anything about hockey, you know it's loud. Sometimes the fans get a little riled up. Sometimes there's fighting on the ice. So the question is... should you take your kids to a game? Here's a list of our pros and cons from our first family hockey game experience, which can be applied to any sporting event. You decide.



  1. Learn about the sport.
  2. Learn about team sports. (How working together will achieve a goal, score, win.)
  3. Learn about good sportsmanship by opposing players. (Although I think you see this less and less.)


  1. Stuck in a confined space for hours.
  2. Expense of bringing them vs. leaving them with a sitter.
  3. Surrounded by fans who might not show the best sportsmanship. (I know it's hockey. I know it's just a game. But can we leave the curse words out of it?)



  1. Special treatment. (Free golf cart ride from parking lot to front door. The guy must've felt sorry for us as we were trekking them on our backs.)
  2. They ask lots of questions. (Might seem like a con, but so cute how inquisitive they are about the sport they're watching. Example: Lil Tank - "Why does he not want to play?" {pointing to the goalie} Me - "He is playing. He's the goalie. His job is to protect the goal and not allow that black puck to get into the net."
  3. They want to be on the jumbotron. (I always want to see my face on there. Yes, I'm a camera hog. Have you checked out our video tab? I figure the kids would give me a better shot at that).


  1. They want to potty. More than once.
  2. They want to eat food.
  3. They want to eat junk food.
  4. They want to eat your food when they drop theirs on the ground.
  5. They think the cheering is too loud. (Lil Tank - "The shouting hurts my ears." {as the team scored a goal})
  6. They want to leave early. Cause they're tired... and bored.
  7. They expect you to carry them to the car. (Where did our golf cart go?)


So... should you take your kids to a hockey game? Even with the cons, we would say YES. But to EVERY game? NO. It's fun for them to experience a live sporting event. We've taken the girls to basketball and baseball games when they were younger, much younger. When they could easily nap in the seats, didn't talk much and didn't eat stadium food yet. We think it was easier at that age. At 5 and 3, there's more to handle, but they definitely appreciate the game and want to know more about what's going on. We love making family memories and as you can tell by these pictures, it's why we would always opt for taking Monkey & Lil Tank with us. Don't get me wrong, sometimes it's also fun just to relieve our days sans kids and do a date night sporting event. 

We did learn a lesson from a child that did make a jumbotron appearance. She was wearing heavy duty headphones and watching videos or playing games on a tablet while her parents sat on either side of her enjoying the game. So if you want to take your child and don't want to miss the action, be prepared with tablet in hand.

Have you taken your kids to a game? How old were they? What was your experience?