Week 2: My recovery from shoulder surgery

The biggest development over the last two weeks was the removal of my sutures, meaning I am healing nicely.  NewsyMom was taking pictures and recording as they came out. You'll likely get a chuckle out of my reaction. Click below to see it.

My recovery seems to be going really well. I never experienced any real pain, not like I was expecting anyway. And because I wasn't having any problems with my dressing or any other health issues, my nurse stopped coming after four visits.

I also saw the doctor nine days after surgery, and he said I am two weeks ahead of schedule regarding the movement and pain threshold of my shoulder.  At the time, I thought to myself, what exactly should I be able to do at this point because I still had very limited range of motion. But apparently, it's more than I should have at this point. 

My therapist was also impressed with how far I've come since surgery. My first few therapy visits were limited to some pendulum exercises which I wrote about in my Week 1 Recovery post here. Since then, the therapist has added more exercises to my daily routine and now I'm up to ten, plus some additional exercises for my good arm, too.

So you might be wondering what I've been doing since I'm drugged up and unable to work or drive. I sleep a lot... and do my physical therapy. For the first five days, I never left the house so by the weekend, I was ready to get out.  We were invited to a dinner party along with some other parents from Monkey and Lil Tank's school.  The girls loved playing with their friends while NewsyMom and I enjoyed some adult conversation. But apparently, that was too much fun for me.

The next day, I was feeling some slight pain and spent most of the day sleeping.  By Monday, I was feeling a little better and ready to get back at it.  A few days later, I saw the doctor and that visit really raised my spirits because he told me how well I was recovering.  Now, I'm looking forward to this long holiday weekend and spending  some quality time with my family while pushing ahead with my recovery.


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