Going Under the Knife: NewsyMom's perspective

I'll admit it. I'm scared.

My husband, affectionately known as NewsyDad, is going under the knife. Actually, he's already on the operating table. I'm writing this while in the waiting room.

You're probably wondering why he's undergoing surgery. So I'll start from the beginning.

It happened long before we ever met. Brian says he slipped several times and used his left arm to brace his fall. Once, he fell walking on ice. Growing up in Nebraska, it happens. The second time, it was rollerblading. He doesn't do well with things strapped to his feet. That's why he won't go ice skating, as you saw in the video here with the girls and me.

So fast forward decades later, he's now in pain. LOTS of pain. He went to an orthopedic surgeon who told him he tore his labrum - a type of cartilage found in the shoulder joint. Basically as I understand it, that cartilage is now completely gone so the ball and socket joint where the arm meets the body is pretty much bone on bone with no cartilage cushion. No wonder he's in pain. The surgeon is now working to repair it by shaving away part of his arm bone and anchoring it to the shoulder. Yes, I did ask those details as they're about to wheel him away. Needed to know what they were doing to him.


Now, it's a waiting game. Much like when my mom underwent surgery for her mastectomy, which I wrote about here. But instead of the woman who gave me life going under the knife, it's the man who gave our children life.

I couldn't sleep last night. So anxious. On the way to the hospital, I admitted to him I was scared. But I wanted to stay strong so he wouldn't worry. Our surgeon's wife called me, too. She offered to bring us dinner. But I couldn't even speak. Tears started flowing down my face. I was just afraid. I think I'd feel better if I could be in the operating room or watch it from a gallery as if I was a medical student. But instead I'm here. In a waiting room full of people who may also feel the same way I do. We're all sipping our coffees, working on our laptops and watching TV. Anything to take our mind off our loved ones being cut open.

Thankfully, the surgery isn't expected to last long. But the recovery is a different story. We're told he'll be out of work for a month and spend another 12 weeks in physical therapy. Hoping he'll be back to his old... or rather... NEW... self without any pain soon enough. 

But first... we gotta get through the surgery. Wish us luck, thoughts and prayers.

Brian is also sharing his perspective on the surgery here and recovery here.

UPDATE: Doctor just came out and told me that Brian's out of surgery. His shoulder was really bad. He has early signs of arthritis. His shoulder looks like that of a 67-year-old man, not a 46-year-old man. He repaired it as best he could but Brian will need a shoulder replacement in the future. At least he's out of surgery. Can't wait to see him. Hoping his recovery will be quick and painless.


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