South Florida Parenting's "Don't Be a Bully" Contest

Growing up, you'd usually find bullies on the playground pushing the smaller kids around or in the cafeteria trying to take their money or lunch. But nowadays, bullies can be discreet. They can hide behind their computers, tablets and smartphones. They can intimidate your children with their words not only their actions.

To help put a stop to bullying, South Florida Parenting Magazine is inviting children to create artwork for their second annual Don't Be a Bully Contest. This contest gives you an opportunity to speak to your children about what it means to be a bully and a victim. How what you say, do and write makes others feel.

The contest ends tomorrow, June 5. You can submit your work by sending pictures to The first 100 entrants will receive an annual Kids Fun Pass, which will grant your child free admission to many South Florida attractions. The winning artwork will be featured in the August issue of the magazine and may be used in promotional materials. For more information on the contest, click here.

Have you talked to your child about bullying? What advice can you offer?