Get your hands on 'em - STONE CRAB CLAWS!

DISCLOSURE: We were provided a gift card to share our experience of stone crab claws at Bonefish Grill. As always, all opinions are our own.

They are as delicious as they look. But this Texas transplant is only experiencing these locally sourced stone crab claws for the third time since we moved here.

Growing up in the Lone Star State along the Gulf of Mexico, I ate a lot of crab. As a young girl, I went crabbing and fishing with my dad. It was a great feeling providing dinner for our family. My dad, sister and I caught the seafood while my mom cleaned, prepped and cooked it. A whole family affair.

When we moved to South Florida three years ago, I learned about stone crab claws. Many people may not know that the crab itself is rarely eaten. Typically, fishermen remove one of the small claws and return the crab to the ocean where it can re-grow its limb. These crabs do a pretty good job fending for themselves. Their claws are strong enough to break an oyster's shell!

With stone crab season kicking off on October 15, we decided it's the perfect time to visit Bonefish Grill. With the girls in tow, we went to our local restaurant. Newsy Dad and I ordered the stone crab claws and our favorite, Bang Bang shrimp, while the girls order off the kids menu - mac 'n cheese and fish fingers. Everything was delicious!

The stone crabs came four to the appetizer plate - perfectly cracked and chilled on a bed of crushed ice served with a side of their Signature House Made Mustard Sauce which offered a bit of tanginess, cocktail sauce and lemon wedges.

I like eating mine raw for the first bite. No garnish. I want to experience what the meat actually tastes like. It was tender, sweet and succulent - the way stone crab should taste.

Bonefish Grill's Chef Cliff offers wine pairings for the crab claws. A crisp glass of Merryvale "Starmont" Sauvignon Blanc provides a twist of citrus flavors to balance the sweetness of the claw meat. A glass of Chateau St. Michelle Riesling is both light and zesty which enhances the flavors of the Mustard Sauce as well as the sweet meat.

To make the claws even easier to eat, Bonefish Grill serves a "crab" cracker and cocktail fork with each order. Check out how serious Newsy Dad is about getting all the meat out of the claw!

As we are in the beginning of the season, this is prime time to get stone crab claws. Bonefish Grill restaurants across Florida where they can find stone crab claws locally are serving them. The claws come straight from the docks to the restaurants and served to you. You'll want to make a dinner reservation since that's the only time to get your hands on them. 

Have you tasted stone crab claws before? What did you think?


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