The TWO words that could turn my house up-side down

It came in an envelope with a bright red sticker. 

My four-year-old daughter doesn't know how to read yet. But apparently she knows the color red and ALL CAPS means important. Because she ripped it right open and handed me the letter inside. 

And there they were. In black and white. Well, more like black and beige. Nonetheless, they were staring me in the face. The two words that could turn my house up-side down.

Yup, you read it, too. HEAD LICE. As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, head lice is one of the three things I don't want my daughters bringing home from school. Click here for the other two. 

So my child doesn't have the blood-sucking bugs that make your scalp itch, just one of her classmates does. My child doesn't have the pesky parasites, just one of her friends whom she shares mats with at nap time and probably plays with her hair during dress up does. No, I'm not worried. Not one bit.

Well... maybe a little bit. A little bit because I don't want my daughter to feel pain. A little bit because as a working mom, I don't have the energy to apply the treatment or the time to wash everything or the money to dry clean it. Sure, some will say it's not necessary because lice die within 24-36 hours of not being on a human host. But as a parent who takes precautions, I WOULD wash EVERYTHING. Besides, who wants blood-sucking bugs or even dead blood-sucking bugs on their child's pillow, blanket and sheets? Not this mom.

So before it gets to that point, it's time to "gel it up" AGAIN. We did this earlier this year when we found out other kids at school had been infested. So far, so good. Let's keep our fingers crossed for Round 2. Us - 1. Lice - 0. Read here to find out which product we use.

Have your kids had lice? Am I overreacting to preventing their presence in our home? Is it really that bad? Or am I being too paranoid? Please feel free to let me know. 

Dirty, gelled up hair pulled back and ready for school


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