Our 5 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2014

I don't know why I didn't think of this in 2013... maybe it's because our blog was only 3 months old at that point... but hey, better late than never.

I've seen many bloggers post their Top 5 or Top 10 posts of the year, but I originally got the idea after reading my friend, Lauren from Working Mom Magic's list. It includes "10 Things I've Learned in My 10 Years of Marriage", which I found inspirational as Newsy Dad and I are on eight years right now. Read what she wrote and find out what else is on her list here.

As I look back on this past year - our first full year of blogging (though part-time work with full-time passion since we both work outside the home) - I've very happy and proud of how far we've come. This blog started as our creative outlet. Since I got out of television news where I would tell the stories of others every day, I realized how much I miss it. I love being a storyteller and sharing my voice with others. Now, we're able to do that and then some. We continue to share the amazing adventures and magical moments we share with Monkey & Lil Tank but also lend our voice to telling the stories of others. We've worked with big brands such as Toyota, Disney and Chick-fil-A. We feel honored to be selected and share our experiences. Also as a result of the blog and my broadcasting roots, I am hosting shows on two online networks focusing on fashion & beauty through The Bloggers Block which I've written about here and for moms & babies through 3BeesTV where you can see my first segment here.

We are looking forward to accomplishing much more in 2015 but first a look back at our five most popular blog posts in 2014 and what inspired us to write them.

5. How to Surprise Your Kids with a Disney Vacation

We love the House of Mouse. Newsy Dad's first visit (along with Monkey & Lil Tank) was nearly a year after we moved here in 2013. I have family in Florida and we would visit them often growing up, so I had been to Disney many times before. Now our family goes through Disney withdrawals when it's been more than a few months since our last visit. In this post, we share ways to surprise your kids with a Disney vacation.

4. Trader Joe's GRAND OPENING

I love Trader Joe's, as I explain in this post. When a store opened near us, I immediately contacted their Marketing Department to learn more about their grand opening plans. Their stores resemble the areas in which they're located which is really cool. Since TJ's is now one of my weekly grocery stops, I'm working on a Top 5 Items to Buy list. Stay tuned.

3. Happy Birthday to My Mother-in-Law in Heaven

With her birthday approaching in a few days, this post is very timely. It surprises me how often people click on this emotional, heartfelt article. It includes my perspective on my mother-in-law's passing and how it's affected my husband.

2. Lift. Tone. Burn - A Review about Pure Barre

I am addicted to LIFTING. TONING. AND BURNING. Pure Barre is a barre class that doesn't really incorporate ballet moves, but more so gives you a barre to hold on for dear life. You've gotta read my post to see what I mean.

1. Do You Bangle? - Bourbon & Boweties

You've probably seen these bangles EVERYWHERE. Did you know they've been trademarked by the creator of Bourbon & Boweties who's from Florida? She's exploded since starting her company and hand-making the bracelets. In addition to specialty boutiques, her jewelry is now exclusively sold at Nordstrom's in Tampa and making its way into other Nordies soon. In this post, I include where to find the popular pieces including a store that offers free shipping when purchasing online.

So there you have it... our most popular posts in 2014. Which post did you enjoy reading the most? What would you like to see us write about? We've love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for reading!


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