Top 7 Board Games for Toddlers

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At the request of my mother, I recently read the book, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mom by Amy Chua. The Chinese author compares her upbringing and the way she's raising her daughters to that of Western parents. Lots of stereotypes. Lots of generalizations. But being Asian myself, much of what she wrote hit home. Apparently same with my mother, hence why she encouraged me to read the book.

One of the things that stood out was Chinese parents don't play with their kids. Instead, they nurture and influence their kids by constant supervision. Watching and advising them on musical lessons. Not putting together puzzles or doing board games. I remember this growing up. It's how I grew up.

Newsy Dad, on the other hand, had a much different experience. His family had nights dedicated to playing games. 

Now that we have our own two children, we're mixing a bit of the "Tiger Mom" raising with the Western ways of parenthood. This includes board games. If Monkey finishes her homework early, we play a game before bed. We usually make a weekend of family movies, coloring, putting together puzzles and playing board games. I think there are valuable lessons to be learned such as being a good winner and loser... and depending on the game itself, skills like memory, strategy, colors and counting. Plus, we get to spend quality time together as a family. And even more so, now that I have found a great new product that reduces cleaning time in the kitchen. It's called Palmolive® Multi Surface. I'll explain more after this list of our Top 7 Board Games for Toddlers.

7. Chutes & Ladders

It's a classic! Don't you remember playing this growing up? This and another one on our list my sister and I did play together... when we were older. But it's appropriate for this toddler age group - as long as they know their numbers and understand the concept of ladders and slides. During a playdate over the weekend, Monkey & Lil Tank had fun taking turns with their friend.

6. Telestrations

It's a telephone game with illustrations. We recently played this with the older cousins. But our girls could play, too, with the help of parents. It's fun to see the drawings of each player and guess if that's their "word".

5. Guess Who?

Newsy Dad remembers playing this as a child. But he didn't play the chocolate version. That's right, I said CHOCOLATE! It makes the game even more fun because the winner gets a giant chocolate coin. Plus, there's some strategy in the questioning of Guess Who?

4. Disney Princess Pop-Up Magic Castle

This has been a favorite since the girls received it for Christmas. Disney Princesses + friends wrapped up in a board game. What's not to love? The spinner helps with counting and remembering the "friend" tokens - which allow you to advance even further (think bonus round) - stimulate your memory.

3. Candy Land

This is the other game my sister and I played together. Now, it comes in a CHOCOLATE edition as well. When Monkey was 3, we introduced her to this classic. I remember thinking, "I can't wait until Lil Tank knows her colors so she can play with us." That didn't take long.

2. Memory (Strawberry Shortcake edition)

Lil Tank's favorite game of all time. When she really concentrates on the cards, she runs the table. Not even her older sister can beat her and she has quite the memory. Because there are so many cards involved, we like to play sections like "humans" and "pets" or "houses" and "flowers" so as not to overwhelm them and us!

1. Sequence for Kids

Monkey's favorite game. She baffles us with her skills. She has won in as little as four moves. You have to be strategic in the cards that you play, what you think your opponents will play and what "bonus" cards - known as Dragon and Unicorn - you may have.

There you have it, our * Top 7 Board Games for Toddlers*. You know what? We had more family time this weekend to play our favorite games, thanks to a new product that I mentioned earlier - Palmolive® Multi Surface.

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To speed up the time spent in the kitchen, Monkey & Lil Tank helped out. They love knowing their efforts contribute to the family and make a big difference. Especially when it means we can spend more family time together playing games.

You can find Palmolive® Multi Surface in the dish and laundry detergent aisle at your local Walmart.

What are your favorite board games to play with your kids?