Disney World, here we come!

The time is drawing near.  Very soon we will be on the road for WDW, or as Little Tank would say, "We go Disney house!"  We've been planning this for a while and it is getting closer and closer.

First family picture in front of the famous Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World wearing our matching Mickey Mouse shirts.

This will be my 2nd visit this year and my 2nd visit EVER. Yes, I said EVER in my entire life and I'm a man in my mid-40's! I can tell you I'm more excited this time around.  I guess it is because now I know what I missed all those years growing up in middle America.

As a kid, I remember friends and neighbors talking about trips to Disney, but I didn't fully understand the magnitude of Disney Magic back then.  My family didn't have a lot of money, so trips by plane were out of the question. Instead, we went on road trips. A lot of them. As a result, I've been to amusement parks in Kansas City, St. Louis and Chicago a few times and loved them all. I thought Disney was the same. It's not.

Signing welcoming us to the most magical place on Earth!

This Spring, I was anxious to finally go to Walt Disney World. It was amazing.  Sure there are A LOT of people and they are from all over the world, but that being said it didn't seem really crowded.  We had to wait in lines, but they moved pretty quickly. Especially if you have the Fast Pass. I couldn't figure out why people weren't utilizing it especially waiting in a two-hour line to ride a two-minute ride at Magic Kingdom! 

My favorite part was watching the girls' faces when we were on the rides.  They had a great time.  Monkey became a roller coaster fan after riding on the Barnstormer.  Now, she just needs to grow taller so we can try out some of the bigger rides.  

Speaking of bigger roller coasters, my wife and I each took a turn on Space Mountain while the other one stayed with the girls. It's called Swap/Switch Pass, you should check into it. But I wasn't a fan, because the entire ride is in the dark.  To me, part of the roller coaster thrill is watching the world fly by.   We met up with some good friends for two of the days we were there, so we were able to ride Mt. Everest at Animal Kingdom while they watched the girls.  I liked that one much better.

This time around we plan to visit Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom, but we are also going to hit Epcot so the girls can go on the Nemo ride and see the Illuminations fireworks over the lagoon at night.  We also have breakfast with Cinderella and dinner with Winnie the Pooh and Tigger on the agenda, so the first two days are packed, but then the next two will be more leisurely.  Just like our girls, I can't wait!

Jungle cruise ride at Disney's Magic Kingdom