We should always remember

I remember waking up and getting ready for work like it was a normal Tuesday.  I ate breakfast while watching the Today show to catch up on the news and get the current weather. I remember Matt Lauer talking about a plane crashing into the 1st tower.  As I finished getting dressed, I looked up and saw the plane hit the 2nd tower.  I couldn't believe it. My newsroom called me and said get to work as soon as possible.  

At the station, I was sent to a local school to see how children were reacting to the news or if the school was even allowing students to see the images.  There was - a class of 3rd graders. I interviewed a couple of students and a teacher to find out how she was keeping the kids informed without discussing too much.  

One of the shirts I bought during my NYC trip. I wear it proudly on September 11.

I was then dispatched to the airport because planes were told to land at the nearest airport that could handle the incoming traffic.  I don't remember how many planes landed in Omaha that morning, but it seemed pretty busy.  Passengers deplaned - feeling confused and scared.  Being in the air, some were unaware of why they landed in the middle of the country instead of their final destination. 

I, on the other hand, was more shocked than confused. I was just in our Nation's Capitol for Labor Day visiting my best friend.  He lived by the White House and while there, I remember driving by the Pentagon. I hoped he was okay. He was.

Since September 11th, I've visited NYC and stopped at the Memorial thinking about all those who died that day.  The innocent who just happened to work at the World Trade Center.  They went to work like they always did only to die a few hours later.  Those whose jobs put them in harm's way, the firefighters and police officers who were trying to help people right up until the moment the towers collapsed and then more who came to see if anyone needed help afterwards.  The passengers on those planes who were traveling cross country for work or pleasure.  The brave travelers on Flight 93 who decided to fight back, so that one plane wouldn't accomplish it's mission. 

I may not remember every detail of that fateful day, but I do remember how in the days following our country became united.  It is sad that it took an event like 9/11 to bring us together like that, but it is sadder that just 12 years later, our country has become so divided.  I don't really like politics, because I don't feel like either party represents me, but I would hope that all politicians would take a moment to see how they are tearing our country apart and look at what they can do to bring us back together again. 

United we stand and I will always remember.  I hope you will, too.



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