Week 3: My recovery from shoulder surgery

I'm finally free!  After 23 days of wearing my sling nearly all day long, I got the news I've been waiting for.  The doctor told me last Wednesday that I no longer needed it.  I guess my home therapy was going better than I expected.  Obviously I was there when my therapist and doctor both told me I seemed ahead of schedule, but to me it didn't feel that significant.

Monkey & Lil Tank keep asking me why I'm no longer wearing my "black thing". They then try to hung and pull on me, so I may need to use it around them until my recovery is further along or until they understand that I'm not all better yet. But I'm getting close.

Now that I'm out of the sling, I can begin driving again.  I've tried a few times and it wasn't easy for me.  I either drive with both hands or with my left hand, so it was very awkward trying to steer right-handed.  I can't use my left hand to turn the wheel, but I am able to hold it down at the 6 or 7 o'clock position. So it looks like I will only be making short trips for now, like driving the girls to and from school and to rehab or quick errands.

Speaking of rehab, I started a 10 week program today to get back to normal.  I begin with 4 weeks of stretching to regain my range of motion, followed by 6 weeks of strengthening.  After that, I will hopefully be good as new... until my shoulder replacement in 10 to 20 years.


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