What NewsyKids Wear: Frozen-Inspired Swimsuits

I don't know about you, but I've always wanted to be a princess when I grow up. Since I'm now somewhat grown-up, I realize that dream won't be happening in this lifetime. So I've decided to do the next best thing - dress like a princess!

Monkey and Lil Tank are following my lead. Like many girls their age, they adore the Disney princesses especially Elsa and Anna from Frozen. When we found out one of Monkey's friends was having a Frozen-themed SWIMMING party, the search was on for Frozen-inspired SWIMSUITS. 

I had seen lots of Frozen princess costumes (including an Elsa-inspired one also below), but really wanted swimsuits. I found them! (Keep reading to find out where.) As you saw in the video, Monkey talks about her favorite features of the outfit - cape, tutu and sparkles. It also comes with a cute little bonnet (not pictured). Lil Tank just likes the way Monkey spins around like a princess. So cute!

To keep with the sparkly theme, we paired the suits with their Disney gold-sequined flip flops that we purchased during our last trip to Disney. (Read here to find out the three things we take to Disney to make for a magical trip). **Forgive their pedicures, they did them themselves.**

Elsa-Inspired Swimsuits & Dress (similar): Petites Pearls (You can also follow them on Instagram here to place an order when you see something you like.) | Flip flops: Disney

For my princess look, I chose this beautiful blue ombre dress that I purchased from my favorite Fort Lauderdale boutique, Etiquette Boutique. See other Etiquette fab finds here, herehere and here. For that pop of color, I added my pink Rebecca Minkoff MAB tote mini. Since I have two bright colors in my princess-inspired outfit, I went neutral with the jewels - white and druzy stones in my Bourbon and Boweties bangles and silver rhinestones in my Pink Pewter headband, also purchased from Etiquette Boutique.

FASHION TIP: When trying to coordinate clothing and accessories, look for colors that blend well together. For example, pink + blue = shade of purple. If you're not sure what color will result from your equation, just Google it. ;)

Dress: Etiquette Boutique | Purse: Rebecca Minkoff (similar here) | Headband: Pink Pewter (Find out where to purchase here.) | Bangles: Bourbon and Boweties (Find out where to purchase here.)