What NewsyKids Wear: Frozen Loafer-Style Shoes

Like most girls her age, Monkey is obsessed with Disney's Frozen. She has an Elsa-inspired costume and Elsa-inspired swimsuit with tutu (read here to find out where we purchased them). Now, she has Frozen shoes to add to the collection. 

I saw some Anna & Elsa shoes at K-Mart which looked cute and even lit up when you walk. BUT, Monkey and Lil Tank's school doesn't allow light-up shoes. So when I saw these, Mary Jane style loafers, I KNEW they had to be their new shoes for the school year.

They are awesome! As you can tell by the pictures, they've vibrant in color and have lots of detail. They seem durable while still being soft and smooth to the touch. Watch the video below for how well they hold up when Monkey runs and exercises.

WHERE TO BUY THEM: We purchased ours from an online retailer who's known for her one-of-a-kind, special gifts. From custom hand-painted letters to beautiful outfits for any occasion & birth announcement pillows, Inspired by Ju, brings that special touch to gifts that you'll treasure for years to come. Check out her Facebook page here, where you can but these Frozen shoes. She has a limited quantity of each size. They come in sizes 7-12 and run a bit big. Be prepared to share the news when your child wears them to school. Monkey's best friend immediately asked her where her Mommy got them. 

FASHION TIP: These shoes have such bright colors that I would suggest wearing them with outfits that don't have a pattern. Stick with white, blue and even pink tones to bring out Anna's cape. Since our daughters wear uniforms to school, these shoes definitely stand out which they love.


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