What We Wear: NewsyMom, NewsyDad, NewsyKids

We are so excited to announce a new weekly feature on Newsy Parents. In "What We Wear", we'll go beyond our nose for fashion and share with you what's in our wardrobe. It'll feature women's fashions for NewsyMom, men's fashions for NewsyDad and children's fashions for NewsyKids. When we say fashions, we don't necessarily mean what's trendy. But what looks good and most importantly, what makes us feel good. The pieces won't necessarily have a designer label (though some will), others will definitely be fabulous finds at deep discounts. We'll share where we scored them, too.

Our articles will include lots of pictures, of course, but also tips on styling and why we pulled together the outfits we did, including some coordinated family styles. We hope you'll find some inspiration... and maybe even piece together similar items in your closet that you never thought would "go together."

Now the question is: when would you like to see these articles? Every Friday entitled "Fashion Friday"? Or maybe we'll surprise you, posting them any day of the week? Do you have a preference?