Hair accessories that take you from ordinary to EXTRAordinary! Enter Pink Pewter.

As a child, I would always wear headbands. I felt like they added a little something-something to what I was wearing. Especially since I wore a uniform to school, the hair accessory helped bring that pop to an otherwise ordinary outfit.

Fast-forward several years later… or several DECADES later, I am still a huge fan of accessorizing your hair. As a mommy of two littles, adding a sparkly hairband to your running-errands-chasing-your-kids kind-of-day can really make you feel put together. Don't you agree?

One day while shopping at my new favorite women's boutique in Fort Lauderdale, Etiquette Boutique, at Union Planters Plaza (a shopping center the company I work for owns), I saw them from across the room and couldn't take my eyes off them - Pink Pewter!

So many different sparkles, it was hard to choose. I love these particular hairbands because they're lined with velvet so they don't leave indentations on your forehead. They also don't give me a headache like some other brands. After trying almost all of them, I settled on the most glamorous one. Those who know me, know she was calling my name. Her name was Allison and she cost a pretty penny at $50, but I've worn her everywhere. (I love when my fab finds have names, like the Joyfolie wedges named Halle.) Check out the pictures below from Monkey's school gala, to a hair salon opening in Brickell, a Pure Barre workout, a kick class with the world-famous Rockettes, the COVERGIRL Vixen #Bombshelling Workout (review coming) and most recently, a soap-making class at Shoppe 561.

In the last picture above, I'm with my fashionista blogger friend, April from April Golightly, she also wrote about her Pink Pewter find from Etiquette Boutique.

As you can tell, these hair accessories can really take you from ordinary to EXTRAordinary! You can find out which local retailers sell them by searching here. You can purchase online from Amazon, Folica, Glik's and Von Maur (an awesome Midwest department store that ships for free and has amazing customer service). What do you think about Pink Pewter? Which one is your favorite?