The perfect team — Dad, Mom, Monkey & Lil Tank

Newsy Parents Brian Van Pelt dad blogger

Brian Van Pelt, NewsyDad

I am an award-winning news photographer for a South Florida television station. Having worked in similar positions in Idaho, Kansas and Nebraska, this has been my career for 15 years. 

With a degree in Broadcast Journalism, I'm excited to share stories from my perspective. 

Newsy Parents Aileen Van Pelt mom blogger

Aileen Van Pelt, NewsyMom

I lead the marketing efforts for a private retail real estate developer's South Florida regional headquarters, promoting shopping centers that enrich the communities in which we live. Prior to that, I worked at the Palm Beach Zoo as the first-ever Media Relations & Development Manager. For 12 years, I was an award-winning anchor and reporter at network affiliates in Arizona, Idaho, Kansas and Nebraska. 

I love being a storyteller and can't wait to share ours with you. 


Monkey & Lil Tank, NewsyKids

Our daughters, 5 and 3 years old, are affectionately nicknamed Monkey and Lil Tank. One loves to climb on anything and everything. The other barrels over everyone to get what she wants.

They enjoy activities that involve the entire family, traveling and being outdoors. It's one of the reasons we moved to Florida, where the beach is only minutes away.


CONTACT US VIA EMAIL: newsyparents at gmail dot com

CONTACT US VIA EMAIL: newsyparents at gmail dot com